Wanted: Air-cooled Porsches. No damage and well documented

Welcome to Witmer & Odijk

Thirty-five years ago, we cycled to the offices of the Telegraaf newspaper every Friday morning so that our special cars could be advertised in their well-known car section the next day. After all, our car hobby had to remain affordable. Today, thanks to the digital superhighway, we would like to present to you our carefully built-up collection of special cars down to the smallest detail.

Our love for cars was sometimes put to the test in the early years. But in the meantime, our expertise guarantees a supply of the most beautiful cars that meet the strictest requirements. Nowadays, your 'dream car' is quickly found, prices can easily be compared and 'as good as new' is a promise that is easily made. We go above and beyond all that. Each and every car we offer for sale meets our personal requirements. Therefore, a car we would like to drive ourselves. A car that has been maintained by a brand dealer or a specialist, that is original and free from damage. An honest car that is reasonably priced, correctly delivered and that comes with a warranty.

In recent successful years, this principle has led us to where we are today. I would like to invite you to visit us and experience our enthusiasm for beautiful and sporty cars. I hope that by giving you our personal care and attention you will have confidence in our beautiful and great company. Cars are fun!

We look forward to seeing you in Warmond,

Hans Odijk

Showroom te Warmomnd met collectie bijzondere auto's

You will find our carefully selected collection of special cars at only 500 m from the exit Warmond on the A44. Open to visitors daily Monday through Fridy from 9.00- 18.00 and on Saturday from 10.00- 17.00.

Fraai aanbod Ferrari, Lamborghini en Maserati

A car enthusiast cannot ignore the car supply from Italy. We would be pleased to inform you what beautiful things Ferrari, Lamborghina and Maserati have to offer. We are familiar with their typical features and we would like to contribute ideas to what brand or car would match your requirements.

Overzicht Porsches te koop

Air-cooled, water-cooled, two or four doors, cabriolet or coupé? All these questions have already been discussed over a fresh cup of coffee. Why not come and visit us to outline the options? You may be surprised by us.

Meer dan 600 m2 autoshowroom

We have a well-lit 600m2 'showroom' or is it the 'candy store'? And it is filled with the most beautiful and fastest cars. They all have a good value for money that will fully appeal to your business spirit.


We sit at our 'bar' with fellow car enthusiasts and enjoy philosophizing about their possible next 'child'. We are not afraid to say that you that you should not go ahead and do it. No offence.

Witmer & Odijk Auto Verkoop | Showroom

Witmer & Odijk Classic and special cars - Warmond

Our Porsche Specialization guarantees a continuous supply of almost any type of 911. From air-cooled classics to the most recent models, they can all be found in Warmond. However, our passion for cars goes beyond this brand! In our showroom you will find Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and other interesting and beautiful models of other giants in the car industry Please feel free to visit our showroom and have a look round.


You will find our modern and well-equipped service centre on the A4 (see map & directions) Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 17 pm. At your request we will have alternative transport waiting for you. You can also wait for your car to be ready while you work in our coffee corner.


Whether it is a simple APK, oil change or a complicated engine overhaul, we always discuss the costs with you in advance so that you will not have any unpleasant surprises afterwards.


A company that is fitted out properly will be pleased to treat your car properly. A well-organized and clean workshop will minimize the risk of errors. It is also a pleasant place to work in.


Maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, air-conditioning service, winter tyre service and storage, car radio and car alarm installation. We are at your service.


Cabriolet top replacement, car glass service, car restyling, rim repairs, car interior repairs, cleaning and polishing. In short, we are happy to take care of any services your car needs.

Witmer & Odijk reparatie en Onderhoud | Garage

Witmer & Odijk AutoService - Leiden

A special car is a car that is preferably bought at a specialized car company that also provides warranty, service and maintenance. Witmer & Odijk Autoservice is specialized in the maintenance and repairs of Porsche and we offer good value for money. Good maintenance is essential for the reliability and value development of your car. You do not immediately see or feel the advantages of an overhaul for example; therefore you would like to pay a reasonable price. Highly motivated technicians from the Porsche dealer organization guarantee that we have the experience and knowledge to keep your Porsche in a perfect condition in an efficient manner. We have the necessary diagnostic equipment so that it saves a lot of unnecessary searching.

Our team also consists of technician with a long track record and experience in the world of Ferrari and Maserati. They also have a long-term Saab dealer experience. We provide maintenance for almost all BMW, Audi and Mercedes models and we would be just as pleased to work on your Jaguar and Land Rover in an expert and efficient manner. Service and transparency are key words in this.

No matter how important subjects like efficiency, knowledge, service and cost control may be, the best work is always carried out by people who work on your car with passion and pleasure. A special car deserves this and you will therefore derive more pleasure from your car. Our team consists of car enthusiasts that have turned their hobby into their job. This is something you will see for yourself every time you visit our company. This is how it all remains fun!