Fiat 130 Coupe Manual 'competition-ready' '72

For sale: Fiat 130 Coupe Manual 'competition-ready' '72

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Betreft Fiat 130 Coupe Manual 'competition-ready' '72

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Mileage 5,425   Bhp 165 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 3253 cc
Exterior colour Blue Metallizzato Metallic   Engine configuration V6 with carburetion
Interior colour Tangerine   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Velour   Rims 14 inch Cromodora alloy
0 - 100 km/u 6.8 sec   Wheels Pirelli
Top speed 195 km/u   Production numbers 4491
VIN number 130BC0002045   Other Super original
Export/import service

Model history

Love at first sight. Don’t think, act. And then suddenly, a few weeks later, there she is, waiting for you in Warmond. Not small, not immediately cuddly, here and there an occasional sharp edge, and full of character. And this is exactly what makes her so uniquely attractive. You will never find her equal, her DNA is unique. Italy is her homeland, Paolo Martin her father. Pininfarina was present at her birth, and, as the saying goes, ‘ugly in the diaper, beautiful in the veil’. The Fiat 130 Coupe has begun her career as a supermodel. Suddenly, fans with good taste stand before her, realizing just how rare she is. How beautiful and elegant her lines, as only an Italian can be. A big heart, full of temperament, yet also so easy to tame. She can be a demanding child, too, but this one here has a very reputable past and is in a fine state. Moreover, a bond is created that will enrich your life. In short, more than enough reasons to start planning the wedding. The dowry is also very reasonable and she will cause you no harm over time, just don’t pass wind while she’s around....


As befitting a supermodel, she is rich with options: power windows, power steering, air-conditioning; fully adjustable steering wheel (height and length), dual horn, height-adjustable seats and a wide array of gauges.


A beautiful Blue Metalizzatto Metallic body of rare quality. Totally rust-free, and never had rust. Completely dry, sharp flanges, perfect lines, and deeply shining, flawless paintwork. Everything is very well preserved and cared for. Tight metal sheeting, without a single dent. The front and rear bumpers are perfectly straight on the body. No parking scrapes. All the chrome elements are gleaming and unweathered. This Fiat 130’s exterior is ‘ready for competition’ in my view.


The interior is of a sublime quality that one normally only finds in cars but a few years old. Thanks to always being garage stored, the sun - merciless summertime destroyer of dashboards in central Italy - was unable to damage this Coupe. Flawless. The velour on the seats is more or less like new, as is the carpeting, headlining, door panels, etc. Nothing to criticize here. You also immediately experience the original 'Fiat scent’ upon stepping in, which is characteristic of an original, little-used car. All switches and gauges work perfectly.

Interieur Fiat 130 Coupe Manual 'competition-ready' '72

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

A remarkably beautiful and wholly original engine compartment. Nothing changed or ruined. Nicely dry, no rust, no oil residue. The huge trunk is undamaged and dry. Original spare tire, jack and tools included. The Cromodora alloy wheels are flawless, with the proper Pirelli tires all around.

Motor Fiat 130 Coupe Manual 'competition-ready' '72

History file

Sold new by an Italian Fiat dealer situated near Bologna. Acquired from the second owner, a large Volkswagen dealer who is a life-long collector, but now, owing to advancing old age, is dismantling his collection. In the Netherlands, in 1972, a Fiat 130 Coupe cost a hefty 48,000 Dutch guilders (around 30,000 euro in today’s money), and in Italy the cars were also very expensive. And this is the main reason why they are so rare (only 4,491 models were sold). The cars were however positively received by international car dealers, receiving rave reviews for her handling, comfort and high quality interior. Over the years they were proved prone to rust, depending on how they were driven and garaged. This coupe never had rust. Never welded, never damaged. Original manual included. The price includes the Dutch ‘old blue’ plates and new MOT.