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Mileage 48,498   Bhp 103 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 1298 cc
Exterior colour Alfa Rosso   Engine configuration Inline 4-cylinder with carburation
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Vinyl   Rims 15-inch steel with hubcap
0 - 100 km/u 6.8 sec   Wheels Vredestein
Top speed 170 km/u   Production numbers 91195
VIN number AR1283476   Other Above averagely nice!
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Model history

'My classic car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro'. Those who can say this appear, even to non-car enthusiasts, to be true aficionados or even specialists of stylish designs. And then when they finally see your choice in reality everyone will be convinced of your expert eyes when it concerns four wheeled jewels. The Alfa Romeo 105 series, more commonly known as 'the Bertone' knows no bad angles. Rarely the car industry saw such a sublime design in this segment. The beauty of the design is undoubtedly the most important reason for the uncanny popularity of this model. Although the driving characteristics and reliability also play their part. The character of GT's from the 105 series can even be felt and heard when you were to get in blindfolded. The not so minor 103bhp and five speed gearbox bless the car with a high level of comfort and smooth handling. A 'Bertone' is an icon for lovers of classic cars. This should appeal to your sense of investment too, for years on years they remain steady. Especially when it concerns a healthy and nice example, as priced here. This original car was repainted once for cosmetic reasons, is rust-free and accident-free. Evidently, she drives as she should, with a beautifully smooth-running engine, no sounds coming from the gearbox, and tight steering. Ready for trouble free usage.