Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9 V6 Quadrifoglio '16 13.900km €69.950,-

For sale: Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9 V6 Quadrifoglio '16 13.900km €69.950,-

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Mileage 13,900   Bhp 510 pk
Year 2016   Engine capacity 2891 cc
Exterior colour Blu Montecarlo   Engine configuration V6 with injection and two turbos
Interior colour Nero   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Full leather   Rims 19-inch Alfa Romeo alloy
0 - 100 km/u 3.9 sec   Wheels Pirelli PZero
Top speed 307 km/u   Production numbers Still in production
VIN number ZAR   Other New condition
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Model history

There are car enthusiasts and there are Alfisti. The blood of the Alfisti flows a tad faster and is slightly redder than that of of other car enthusiasts. Not to speak of what happens upon them being presented with 'La Meccanica delle Emozioni'. For once the sensible talk about fuel economy and and service intervals stays behind, rather the design and and performance are discussed, and in this case: the resurrection of an icon. A long-cherished wish, the return of the legendary rear-wheel driven Giulia. For Alfisti the renowned make is back where it belongs, at the top. Alfa has taken the market for sporty saloon cars by storm, in virtually all car magazines the Quadrifoglio V6 wins it from the likes of M3s and C63AMGs. A truly invincible feeling for the passionate Alfisti. Do you usually opt for a German flavour? Have no fear, the QV, which is built by Maserati, is praised by owners for its reliability. Moreover, she will be quicker at the finish line than Heiko and Fritz, all the while not being supported by artificial engine sounds coming from the speakers, oh no, the QV has a Dynamic and Race setting which sharpens the electronic differential and simultaneously opens a valve in the exhaust, scaring away your mother-in law. Countless other plusses for the Giulia QV can be named, most importantly this car offers what so many new cars lack; driving pleasure! Hallelujah, you could sense it, you read the overly positive reviews, and then you took it for a drive. So much power, a never-ending pulling sensation with four doors that doesn't know its equal. Knowing the car has a carbon fiber roof and bonnet, active suspension, torque vectoring, DNA dynamic setting, 50/50 weight distribution, an active front splitter and countless safety systems she grants you with trust even before driving. A jewel from the outside, and on the inside, although... you will most definitely overlook it when you have got the steering wheel firmly in your hands. The Alfisti had to suffer for 29 long years, but it was worth waiting for, this car is so special. A deep bow for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio! This QV I acquired from the first careful owner. This is evident when you note the flawless wheels, a body without any stone chips or marks, and an interior which is in absolute new condition. Executed in rare and stylish Blu Montecarlo. The car is lavishly equipped with carbon fiber, has automatic climate control, a multifunctional and adjustable steering wheel, cruise control, lane-departure warning, rear facing parking camera, forward collision warning, electronically adjustable differential and chassis, 3D navigation, blind spot monitor, bi-xenon lights, 19-inch alloy wheels, etc. This QV is wholly original, all original first paint, and mechanically flawless. All original documentation and set of keys are neatly present.