BMW 2002 Tii '74 NL-auto professionally restored €39.950,-

For sale: BMW 2002 Tii '74 NL-auto professionally restored €39.950,-

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Betreft BMW 2002 Tii '74 NL-auto professionally restored €39.950,-

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Mileage 41,159   Bhp 130 pk
Year 1974   Engine capacity 1990 cc
Exterior colour Inka   Engine configuration Inline 4-cylinder with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Vinyl/cloth   Rims 14-inch BMW alloy
0 - 100 km/u 9.4 sec   Wheels Klebér
Top speed 190 km/u   Production numbers 38703
VIN number 2733499   Other Fully restored
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Model history

The enthusiast knows; a better steering and driving car than the BMW 2002, was hard to find in the early 1970s. That is exactly where the relative rarity of the'02 series comes in. After all, exotics were parked in garages, under covers, an affordable BMW you would actually go out and drive. And what a pleasure that is! Excellent handling and road holding this 2002! Furthermore they were quite prone to rust, which in combination with daily usage, was not a recipe for success and preservation. Therefore, few solid and straight 2002's are around today. Notice that not too long ago they weren't worth as much as they are today and were often restored so-so. Nowadays they are worth enough to be subject to good proper restorations. This example was restored over 2016 and 2017 by someone with a good and sense for originality. The solid and straight body was repainted in the original colour, professionally executed without a single spot of dust. The interior remained in good condition due to its minor usage and is therefore fortunately completely original. The well-maintained mechanicals were gone over yet again; the shock absorbers, tires, clutch and and many other points of interest were renewed. What makes it extra remarkable it that it concerns a Dutch delivered car, in this condition! Note the top of the dashboard, de headliner, the original undamaged carpeting, condition of the engine compartment, flanges and underside. All brightwork is in pristine condition, window-and door-rubbers have been renewed. All in all a very nice example in one of the most searched after colourations. There is no need for a plea describing that the actual purchase price + restoration price for a similar car is significantly higher than the actual sales price. Added value comes from the four pretty alloy wheels.