BMW 320i Sedan manual '85 60,000km

For sale: BMW 320i Sedan manual '85 60,000km

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Betreft BMW 320i Sedan manual '85 60,000km

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About BMW 320i Sedan manual '85 60,000km
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Mileage 60,138   Bhp 129 pk
Year 1985   Engine capacity 1990 cc
Exterior colour Delphin Grey Metallic   Engine configuration 6 cylinder line with injection
Interior colour Anthracite   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Cloth   Rims 15 inch BMW/BBS alloy
0 - 100 km/u 10.2 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 197 km/u   Production numbers 215000
VIN number WBAAD310901421179   Other Extremely beautiful and original
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Model history

Among BMW aficionados, the E30 is the most compelling of the entire 3-series line produced by the famed Bavarian factory to date. Nothing has been as good the cars from then. The cars of 2017 are indeed better and safer, of course, but not as fun! There is nothing quite like a E30, and especially those with the bigger engines. Just position the steering wheel in the direction you want to go, and straight ahead she goes! Agile, fast, immediate and sharp steering. An E30 was also built according to quality standards that were the same as if ISO9000 (1987) was already in place. Nevertheless, the exceptional driving characteristics are what render the E30 so popular. The car we offer here is perhaps a little less suitable for demonstrating your steering talents, however, as the BMW's that are routinely found around the race tracks have usually been driven eight times around the world, while comparatively this pristine 320i has only just begun her journey. In short, a collector’s model. A completely original 320i with only 60,000km on the odometer. Is there another one to found anywhere?


Beautifully understated, in mint condition, as a car dealer can say. Power windows, central door lock, alloy wheels and tinted glass.


Completely original and an of course undamaged body, in the Delphin Gray Metallic color. This car has absolutely no rust, and that is often not the case with E30s. The wheel bays retain the same color as the car. High quality paintwork. The door edges are flawless. Not a single chip. The bumpers are perfectly straight on the car, the chrome gleaming. Original windows all around.


Naturally, like new. No damage to find anywhere. The remarkably low mileage is clearly reflected in the impressive interior. The steering wheel, switches and handles are all replete with the complete symbols and function perfectly. Non-smoker, hardly used, smells like new. No further comment needed.

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Pristine, completely clean and original engine compartment. All seemingly 'factory new', as is the trunk. Full set of unused car tools. Full-size spare tire, never used. The four wheels are free of brake grime, have some slight parking scrapes that can be painted over upon request.

Motor BMW 320i Sedan manual '85 60,000km

History file

Sold new in 1985 by an Italian BMW dealer, which also explains why the car still has a completely original and rust-free undercarriage, and of course never in an accident. Acquired from the second owner, an enthusiastic BMW aficionado, who owing to advancing old age sold the car to us. Knowing that we are also enthusiastic BMW aficionados, he ultimately wanted to leave the car in the Netherlands. And so it was. Original car tools, set of keys and car folder, including manual and service booklet.