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Mileage 164,768   Bhp 295 pk
Year 1995   Engine capacity 2990 cc
Exterior colour British Racing Green   Engine configuration Inline 6-cylinder with injection
Interior colour Anthracite/green   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather/alcantara   Rims 17-inch BMW alloy
0 - 100 km/u 6.9 sec   Wheels Michelin Pilot Sport
Top speed 250 km/u   Production numbers 356
VIN number WBSBF99080EA40033   Other Original and rare M3 GT
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Model history

Only one year BMW built the E36 M3 GT in a very limited production run of 356 cars. To homologate the M3 for the FIA Gt Race Series the E36 M3 had to comply with various mechanical and cosmetic prerequisites to be allowed in. Therefore the power was increased to 295bhp and the gears shortened. The special seats, carbon finish, and aluminum doors were all applied to make the car appeal to the sporty BMW clientele. For unclear reasons they only came in one colour, marketing can be unfathomably psychologic sometimes. As a result of very limited production the M3 GT grew into a true collector's car with investment potential. Important for the valuation of such cars are essentials such as provenance, no damage history and originality. As you guessed this GT ticks all the boxes. The car was sold new by BMW dealer Maaral in Zaandam the Netherlands in July '95. She remains wholly original, and therefore remains damage free. Here in the Netherlands not even a handful were sold, so for one lusting after a Dutch delivered exemplar with a correct history file this is the GT you want.


Complete specification with a.o. climate control, heated seats, sports seats, alcantara and leather interior, central locking, electric power windows, class 3 alarm, etc.


The body of this M3 GT is wholly original and damage free. No significant traces of usage to be seen. All panels have symmetrical fittings. The headlight lenses, wind shield and bumpers are original and without stone chips. The whole car presents itself as the enthusiast pleases, 'as new'.


The interior has not been changed at all since its 1995 delivery. Truly in remarkable original condition without significant traces of usage. No wear on the bolsters of the seats, not one button has faded, or is dirty. New BMW floor mats in the footwells. Evidently not been smoked in.

Interieur BMW E36 M3 GT '95 €49.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Original throughout and spotlessly clean engine- and luggage compartment. The original alloy M3 wheels are all undamaged and free of brake dust. As good as new tires are fitted.

Motor BMW E36 M3 GT '95 €49.950,-

History file

Sold new in 1995 by BMW dealer Maaral in Zaandam the Netherlands. Damage free and original. Factory delivery note, NAP (report for correct milage), complete toolkit and sets of keys are present. Will be delivered with a new MOT and a service.