Citroën Méhari '79 new, fully restored €19.950,-

For sale: Citroën Méhari '79 new, fully restored €19.950,-

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Mileage 20   Bhp 29 pk
Year 1979   Engine capacity 602 cc
Exterior colour Rouge Hopi   Engine configuration 2-cylinder boxer
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims Steel
0 - 100 km/u 30 sec   Wheels Toyo
Top speed 121 km/u   Production numbers 144000
VIN number CA0020   Other Truly as new
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Model history

Unfortunately, no longer available to purchase new from Citroën. This Méhari you can in fact buy, and so you will have a new one. Bloemendaal, Zoutelande or Ibiza, in your X5 or Range Rover Sport you will be one of many, and your presentation will have little to nothing on the relaxed atmosphere you find in such environments. Those who are ahead of the herd, and would rather invest in les fruits de mer with champagne, and insist two cylinders is plenty, find a true style icon in the classic Méhari. And all of that for the price of a few service bills on a "Range". This issue free 'new' Méhari delivers. The car admittedly does not weigh more than a large scooter, but pushing her onto the parking lot would be a tad embarrassing. This Rouge Hopi (yes that is truly the name) Méhari was completely newly constructed on an original chassis. The plastic body is new as well as the upholstery and the mechanicals, truly every single bolt has been renewed. Mechanically and visually thus more or less a new car, and yet from 1979, which makes her road tax exempt and categorised into a low insurance rate. None other will find such a deal. And that would hardly be possible, because you will not find a second one as nice as this exemplar. New unfortunately no longer for sale, this Méhari is however for sale, and so you can have a new one.