Ferrari 456M GT '99 Manual 46.000km

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Mileage 49,146   Bhp 442 pk
Year 1999   Engine capacity 5473 cc
Exterior colour Blue Pozzi   Engine configuration V12 with injection
Interior colour Bordeaux   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 17 inch Ferrari alloy
0 - 100 km/u 5.2 sec   Wheels Pirelli PZero
Top speed 306 km/u   Production numbers 1271
VIN number ZFFWP44B000115790   Other Competition condition
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Model history

I mostly sell the 456GT to ‘Gentlemen Drivers’ who admire the car’s elegant, distinguished appearance and properly added GT. This is not an aggressive-looking, jittery-driving hardcore sports car. Rather, perhaps its more of a half-blood Ferrari with some blue blood, distinguished Englishman mixed in. When first launched, this car was the fastest four-seater in the world, yet that power did not come at the expense of comfort. The powerful 442hp, 12-cylinder engine lends this car a flexibility and driving ease that a top class touring car must have. The electronically adjustable shock absorbers offer more of the pure sports car feel, if so desired, but in practice this feature is rarely used. The 456 is designed to delight its drivers and passengers. Spacious, with fully electrically adjustable seats, larger passengers also enjoy good support, and the impressive, driver-focused dashboard is simply a joy to behold, while the interior in this color feels very spacious. The 456 has become a true classic that, in this mint condition, is highly valued by aficionados. In the design phase, designer Pininfarina was greatly inspired by the renowned 365GTB/4 Daytona. The long hood, roofline extending towards the rear, and rear lights are the most striking reminders of the Daytona, whose so-called "transaxle" engine and gearbox layout (engine and gearbox in the rear) are also present in the 456GT. Introduced in 1992 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Francorchamps dealership in Belgium, this Ferrari was modified into an even better model in 1997, as Ferrari often does. In Italian, this is called ‘Modificato’, hence the M. The car benefited from a long list of mostly minor improvements, collectively rendering this model superior to its predecessors, although the power of the engine remained the same. The aerodynamics, engine cooling, seats, air conditioning and various technological details were revised. The model is what the car dealer describe as ‘like new’, and it would be very difficult indeed to find another one as beautiful, especially in this fine color composition. Have a look at the photos, and it becomes immediately apparent that such high-praise from the car dealer is well deserved. Please note however that this color interior is difficult to properly photograph, and hence is actually a darker red (Bordeaux) than the photos show.


Luxuriously equipped with automatic climate control, fully electric adjustable seats with memory, adjustable steering wheel, electronically adjustable suspension (Bilstein), Becker radio with CD changer, central door lock with remote control, Traction Control, full leather interior, and more.


A stunning, stylish Blue Pozzi body with no signs of wear anywhere. This car was never damaged and remains wholly original. Thanks to always being garaged, the paintwork retains its high (glossy) quality. No dents, scratches or chips found anywhere. The body-colored bumpers are also free of any dents or parking scrapes. Original windows all around, replete with the chassis number in the glass. This is a 456 in a collector’s mint condition, which I seldom see.


The most remarkable aspect of this 456 is the premium quality of its interior. Given the color, combined with the delicate materials used by Ferrari, it is remarkable that the entire interior is perfectly pristine. No entry wear or damage anywhere. Floor carpeting like new. The doorsill upholstery remains covered with protective coverings from the factory. The door panels and dashboard are flawless – no worn knobs/handles or stickiness. The entire interior features double-stitched leather everywhere, even the headlining is leather. The dashboard is free of damage, with no traces of damage made by watches or jewelry along the edge. All switches and gauges are pristine and clearly readable. The seats still offer the original support, including fully functioning electric lumbar support. The leather-covered steering wheel is perfectly smooth and flawless. Non-smoker. But please note: the color of this interior is difficult to capture in photographs and is actually a darker red (Bordeaux) than the photos show.

Interieur Ferrari 456M GT '99 Manual 46.000km

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

In the totally original engine compartment one finds the 442hp, V12 engine, as deeply and centrally positioned as possible. Nothing threadbare, worn out or burnt off. The original factory plates and stickers are present everywhere. Open the hood, grab a seat and enjoy! The trunk, perhaps less of a visual spectacle, is like new, containing a Becker CD changer and Ferrari car tools. The 17-inch alloy wheels are also like new, with outstanding Pirelli PZero's all around.

Motor Ferrari 456M GT '99 Manual 46.000km

History file

This 456 has always been expertly maintained, as the original service booklet shows, and invoices from the last servicing, including distributor, come with the car. The car folder, all manuals, code cars and spare key are included. A stunningly beautiful 456 GT Modificato in a classic color composition. The 456GT is still the Ferrari with the best price per cylinder, and that steadily attracts aficionados, which I’d suggest pointing out to your investment portfolio manager….