Ferrari Mondial Coupe 3.2 '87 46.000km A1-condition

For sale: Ferrari Mondial Coupe 3.2 '87 46.000km A1-condition

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About Ferrari Mondial Coupe 3.2 '87 46.000km A1-condition
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Mileage 46,000   Bhp 270 pk
Year 1987   Engine capacity 3184 cc
Exterior colour Blu Chiaro Metallic   Engine configuration V8 with injection
Interior colour Avorio   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 16 inch Ferrari alloy
0 - 100 km/u 6.3 sec   Wheels Michelin TRX
Top speed 250 km/u   Production numbers 987
VIN number ZFFWD21B000069557   Other Concours condition
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Model history

With the Mondial, Ferrari aimed to place a car in the market that would be practical as well as usable. The unique layout made it possible to combine a mid engine concept with four seats and a serious luggage compartment. No other production car offers this in theory genius concept of a middle mounted engine. And most definitely did not use the world famous V8, in this case mounted transversely, with the ultimate sporty engine sound only a Ferrari V-engine can produce. The slightly higher roofline makes it so the Mondial offers more than enough room for the longer fellow man. And then it allows for the opportunity of bringing your children for example, on behalf of the heavily front places driver and passenger seat. Driving the Mondial is a very unique experience. You sit far in front and due to the short distance between steering wheel and the front wheels the steering is highly direct. This here exceptionally nice offered exemplar is a Mondial 3.2. This second restyled version received a complete new interior with noticeably more cabin room and very well sitting seats. Look at the design of the seats, dashboard and for example door cards... Art! The Mondial 3.2 with transverse mounted mid engine makes the service bill very affordable. For the replacing of the distribution belts for example, just the right rear wheel and a plastic inner part need to come of. Moreover, one drives a Ferrari from the heart, not with a calculator in hand. Or?


A Ferrari is naturally equipped with the nicest Connolly leather, air-conditioning, electric power windows and central locking. Also comes with an original BlauPunkt Memphis radio/cassette player, electric aerial, adjustable steering wheel and more.


It will not surprise you that 90% of the Mondial production was ordered in red. How special and pretty then is this alternative and stylish Blu Chiaro on the car. Very rare by all means, and that makes the car valuable. The original and smooth coach is truly as new. Not one scuff or stone chip to be found. The paint has a nice deep lustre, and is even on the in exterior colour carried out bumpers undamaged. The car as a total has a 'as new' appearance. The glazing is undamaged. All rubbers are perfect, lights nicely transparent and the various logos are undamaged and original.


The interior is a unique and very spatial design. The design is a piece of art on its own. See the shape of the seats and the dashboard. The quality of this specific interior can simply be called fantastic. Not one scuff in the light and clean interior. Beautiful double stitched Connoly leather on the dashboard and door cards. Ivory colour in combination with dark blue. The deep dark blue carpeting is original and undamaged. All switches, levers and buttons are undamaged and work accordingly. The car has never been smoked in. The headlining is therefore clean and undamaged. Grand!

Interieur Ferrari Mondial Coupe 3.2 '87 46.000km A1-condition

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The neatly kept engine compartment houses the original 270bhp strong V8 with Bosch K-jetronic injection. Throughout original, clean and undamaged. The engine runs very nicely making its distinct engine sound, perfect oil pressure without smoking exhaust. The luggage compartment is clean and undamaged and sports the original lining. In the front boot one finds a full size spare wheel, the complete tools and the jack. The 16 inch alloy wheels are fitted with excellent Michelin TRX tires.

Motor Ferrari Mondial Coupe 3.2 '87 46.000km A1-condition

History file

Sold new by Ferrari dealership Pietro Masino located in Sala Consilina, deep in southern Italy. Nowadays a Lancia dealer. After spending 20 years in the south, the car moved with its Italian family to the Allessandria region. There I stumbled upon the opportunity to buy the car from practically the first owners. Therefore the original service booklet remains in the original board documentation. Instruction manual remains in the board documentation as well and is available in three languages. This Ferrari Mondial will be delivered with Dutch registration, new MOT and service, which includes a distribution change.