Fiat 124 Spider beautifully restored '73 €19.950,-

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For sale: Fiat 124 Spider beautifully restored '73 €19.950,-
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About Fiat 124 Spider beautifully restored '73 €19.950,-
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Mileage 33,525   Bhp 128 pk
Year 1973   Engine capacity 1756 cc
Exterior colour Rosso Vivo   Engine configuration Inline 4-cylinder with carburettors
Interior colour Beige   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Vinyl   Rims 14-inch Stil alloy
0 - 100 km/u 12.5 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 170 km/u   Production numbers 22670
VIN number 124CS0071233   Other Beautiful restoration with fun details
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Model history

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider was penned in the design studios of famous Pininfarina. Not by someone with an outspoken Italian last name, actually the from origin half Dutch Tom Tjaarda gave this successful model her famous lines. Tjaarda was not unknown in the secluded world of car design, he also designed the Detomaso Pantera, Saab 900 and even the Ford Fiësta. Mechanically the car was brought to life by an equally appealing name, none other than Aurelio Lampredi, a former Ferrari engineer designed the engine with double overhead cams. The 124 Spider was adored and became so successful Fiat released a renewed version in 2016. Evidently not as subtly lined as the original; modern car design simply has more restrictions and aspects to adhere to nowadays than just coming in a pretty shape. The prettiest and most looked after design of the classic 124 Sport Spider is the first version with the modestly sized chrome bumpers and dashboard with real wood. The 'original' already received disc brakes and a five speed gearbox. A 124 Spider therefore offers loads of (open) driving pleasure for a modest price. This here offered exemplar has been restored a few years back on the basis of solid and rust free body. Not one detail was dismissed, the interior was newly upholstered, the convertible hood renewed, and many mechanicals either rebuilt or renewed. The result is a beautifully atmospheric, stylish and excellent driving 124 Spider with a summery appearance.


At the time a 124 was not offered with an options list. The real wooden steering wheel is remarkable. This exemplar rides on original Stilauto alloy wheels.


Executed in a special red teint, closely resembling terracotta, makes this classic 124 Spider a true Italian beauty. The body is straight, solid and rust-and damage free. She has correct fitting alround. The paint quality is on behalf of garage storage high and has a nice deep lustre. The brightwork is likewise in pristine condition. All trim, lamp-units, bumpers and convertible hood are in undamaged condition. The convertible hood was renewed upon restoration and has since not been opened much. The complete car has no evident traces of usage.


Worthy of a special mention, the interior of this Spider is beautiful. For those who have viewed more, know how unique this is. The dashboard is not cracked, the wood is almost to nice looking, the heater controls not without knobs and the seats remain their original shape. The carpeting has no traces of usage and is nicely clean. Door cards, rear bench and centre console are all in excellent condition.

Interieur Fiat 124 Spider beautifully restored '73 €19.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Neatly kept clean engine compartment without oil and grease traces. Also here no rust or damages. The four-cylinder 128bhp engine runs smoothly. The engine features two overhead cam shafts, mechanically very progressive. Therefore, drives super smoothly and silent. No smoke or odd noises. The luggage compartment is neatly equipped with new upholstery and seems to have been barely used. The car rides on pretty Stilauto alloy wheels wrapped in new Michelin tires.

Motor Fiat 124 Spider beautifully restored '73 €19.950,-

History file

Sold new in Italy, just under Napoli where she remained until very recently. On behalf of a land climate, garage keeping and good care the car remained in original condition. The sun and heat did make their marks wherefore she benefitted from a cosmetic and technical restoration four years ago. To bring a car back to this condition here in western Europe would be 'priceless', in Italy where wages are low and all parts can be sourced easily it does happen. I bought the car of an older Italian gentleman, born in 1937, who could not get in-or out of it anymore. 'young man, try your luck' he called out in rapid Italiano, 'I most definitely will, and will find her a nice new owner' I replied.