Jaguar E type Series I 4.2 Coupe original '65 €99.500,-

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For sale: Jaguar E type Series I 4.2 Coupe original '65 €99.500,-
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Mileage 73,941   Bhp 269 pk
Year 1965   Engine capacity 4235 cc
Exterior colour Gloss black   Engine configuration Inline 6-cylinder with 3 SU carburetors
Interior colour Black   Engine number 7E2581-9
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch wire wheels
0 - 100 km/u 7 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 246 km/u   Production numbers 5830
VIN number 1E30619   Other Original colour
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Model history

Elegant, Extraordinary, Excellent, Exceptional... what qualification could the creative responsible for the Jaguar E-type have aimed for. Or was it just a logical sequence after the D-type. Surely all four E's apply. It is not without reason that the E-type became an icon of the British car industry. A design that even Enzo Ferrari described as the most beautiful car in the world, a silky smooth 265 bhp six-cylinder engine that the German car industry at the time could not match, and a purchase price that amounted to a third of a Mercedes SL. That explains the success of the E -type. As often with famous models that had a long-life cycle, due to changes, the first series is widely regarded as the most beautiful. See here the E-type as most enthusiasts prefer to see. A Series I Fixed Head Coupe with the utmost reliable 4.2ltr engine and a light shifting fully synchronized manual gearbox. As well as covered headlights and taillights beautifully mounted above the rear bumpers. The example offered here was originally delivered in black lacquer with black leather. At the time no obvious choice of colour, now very sought after and rare. On behalf of sleek gloss black paint with contrasting brightwork a beautifully stylish appearance.


The chassis and panelling of this E-type are completely original and rust-free. Not restored and repainted solely for cosmetic reasons. Professional work with not a single speck of dust, and of course sprayed on a bare body. The car has always been damage-free, all the glazing is original. All window rubbers are new. All the brightwork is beautifully scuff and corrosion-free and deeply lustrous.


The interior deserves a special mention. The leather on the seats was once renewed but does not have the appearance of a newly upholstered 'restored' classic car. Take a seat in this E-type and travel back to 1965. All the switchgear, the original steering wheel, the gauges and the period leather on the seats create a classic English atmosphere, say how the pub stands out from the bar…

Interieur Jaguar E type Series I 4.2 Coupe original '65 €99.500,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

This E-type is entirely 'matching numbers', what refers to being equipped with the original engine and gearbox fitted to a car from the factory. The boot still features the original and undamaged upholstery. The beautiful 15-inch wire wheels are undamaged and deeply lustrous. The correct Michelin XVS tires ensure the classic E-type driving experience.

Motor Jaguar E type Series I 4.2 Coupe original '65 €99.500,-

History file

In 1990 this Jaguar was bought from the second owner by a now well-known, then youthful, Dutch 'entrepreneur' or businessman, give it a name, in California. With borrowed money he imported the car to the Netherlands, at the time a pristine example would fetch a few thousand dollars at most. One of his friends from college could not get the car out of his mind after seeing it for the first time and decided to realize his 'boy's dream'. Also with borrowed money, of course. Since the early nineties the car remained in his possession, just to amorously glance at. A few years ago, after a long period of hard work and business successes, there was time for him to seriously start enjoying driving the E-type. The car had to be seriously woken up before that was possible, considerable sums were invested in major maintenance. The entire exhaust system, all soft and hard rubbers, the braking system, the engine management, the suspension and more things that are subject to being stored for considerable time have been renewed or overhauled. All executed work, cosmetic included, was carried out with a great sense of what a classic car needs, a well driving and original looking time machine.