Jaguar XK-R Supercharged Coupe '07 65,000km €34.950,-

For sale: Jaguar XK-R Supercharged Coupe '07 65,000km €34.950,-

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Mileage 65,460   Bhp 420 pk
Year 2007   Engine capacity 4196 cc
Exterior colour Quartz Metallic   Engine configuration V8 with injection and Supercharger
Interior colour Cashmere Beige   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 19 inch Jaguar alloy
0 - 100 km/u 4.9 sec   Wheels Pirelli PZero
Top speed 250 km/u   Production numbers 18600
VIN number SAJAA43R079B18790   Other Mint condition
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Model history

The Jaguar is the strongest of felines in the animal kingdom, and while she may growl and grumble, the true Jaguar prefers to leave the loud roaring to other species. That description shares many similarities with those of the ultimate Jaguar on wheels. The 4.2ltr. V8 Supercharged XKR with 420hp renders a 911 prey that can be outwitted in seconds, and does so in a stylish Quartz Gray Metallic color that suits her very well on such occasions. A most beautiful and desirable animal, for those who can handle her, quietly purring when not on the hunt. This remarkable XKR has only 58,000km on the odometer since being acquired by the Jaguar dealership in 2007, and the car largely remains in the same condition now as then, with hardly a trace of wear anywhere. This is the car for those desiring a rare and unique Jaguar that has never been comprised.


Obviously fully equipped: automatic climate control, cruise control, traction control, adaptive electronically controlled shock absorbers, fully electrically adjustable seats with memory, electrically adjustable side seat support, Jaguar Multi Media system with DVD navigation, electrically adjustable multifunctional steering wheel, heated seats, electronic differential locking, Bi-Xenon headlights, front and rear Parc Distance Control, 19-inch alloy wheels, and more.


A stylish Quartz Gray Metallic body, replete with Supercharged hood and front spoiler and also the characteristic XKR braided steel in the front bumper and spoiler. This car is completely original and undamaged, not a chip or sign of wear found anywhere. Flawless bumpers - no parking damage. Like new in every respect. If so desired, we will affix the characteristic R to the trunk lid.


The lavishly appointed interior offers an attractive combination of comfort and sportiness. The premium seats with exceptional lateral support are more comfortable than in any other GT. Everything in this XKR is flawless and like new. Switches, steering wheel, knobs, dashboard, aluminum inlays…all flawless and pristine. The original floor mats are also flawless - no worn spots or foot marks. Non-smoker: this car retains its new car scent.

Interieur Jaguar XK-R Supercharged Coupe '07 65,000km €34.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

An engine compartment in which after a short drive one can fry an egg on the hot engine. Brand new and factory new. Everything is original, and only ever serviced by the professionals at the Jaguar dealership. The trunk is virtually unused, with the spare tire and car tools underneath. The 19-inch Jaguar alloy wheels are like new, flawless and free of brake grime.

Motor Jaguar XK-R Supercharged Coupe '07 65,000km €34.950,-

History file

This XKR Supercharged Coupe was acquired from the first owner, and he always had the car serviced at the dealership. Complete car folder and service booklet included. The car was also recently serviced by the Jaguar dealership. Comes with code cards, two sets of keys, booklets, and invoices. Delivered with new MOT, warranty and servicing.