Lancia Beta Coupe 1300 '79 55.000km

For sale: Lancia Beta Coupe 1300 '79 55.000km
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Mileage 55,128   Bhp 85 pk
Year 1979   Engine capacity 1301 cc
Exterior colour Rosso York   Engine configuration Inline 4 cylinder with carburettor
Interior colour Light grey   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Cloth and skai   Rims 14 Inch steel with center cap
0 - 100 km/u 13 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 164 km/u   Production numbers 12940
VIN number 828BC3/1021555   Other Highly original and rust free Beta
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Model history

Vincenzo Lancia (1881-1937) used letter indications derived from the Greek alphabet for his first creations. After Fiat took over Lancia in 1969, board decided to call its models after the same letters. To prevent confusion, and likely court cases, with Alfa Romeo the first Lancia built by Fiat listened to the name Beta. Unveiled in 1972 in various body styles. To keep production costs at an acceptable level, an existing and succesful Fiat engine with double overhead camshafts was used. Economically a requirement, after all Lancia was pushed into Fiat's arms by an oncoming bankruptcy caused by astronomical production costs. The Beta was meant to be built in large numbers; numbers now, would be considered very little. Especially in the less practical, however rather attractive, and fun Beta Coupe version, large numbers were never realised.
In 1972, by the time steel was bought by Fiat, it turned out to be of a different quality than the steel of years before. A solid, original and even in first paint occurring Beta therefore can be called a rare find. The Beta coupe drives, thanks to present Lancia DNA, which offered advanced technique, with a subframe, five speed gearbox and low transversely mounted engine, very modern. This is the prettiest Lancia Beta Coupe I ever saw. Rock solid and free of rust, original paneling in first paint. Breaths the typical Italian sports-car atmosphere.


Back in the day options were not where automakers made most of their money. Also means there is less to go wrong.


Beautiful in characteristic Rosso York. Shade of red, shade of brown. Rock solid bodywork, never had any work done. Totally original and in first paint. Therefore damage free too. All stainless steel, brightwork and glazing original and free of damage. Only the rear bumper has a minor dent on the top right.


contest: who recognises the light and windshield-wiper stalks, please feel free to let me know, fresh apple pie awaits you. Little tip, think Italian supercar from the early 1980s. The interior is flawless. Brilliant as-new-conditon thanks to her low mileage. Shape of the seats remains original, carpets undamaged, dashboard without heat-cracks, in conclusion a time machine. Magnificent!

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Also in the engine compartment everything as new. Spotlessly clean. The original inline 4 cylinder with double overhead camshafts situated transversal up front. No excessive play on any of the components, no odd noises, no rust, instantly starting, no excessive smoke. Original serial plates and original factory stickers present. The boot seems to have never been used. Upholstery undamaged. Spare tire and tools original and present.

Motor Lancia Beta Coupe 1300 '79 55.000km

History file

Sold new, and until very recently resided in Italy. Acquired from her first lady-owner via the garage the car went for servicing.