Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800 series 1 '66

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Mileage 39,688   Bhp 92 pk
Year 1966   Engine capacity 1800 cc
Exterior colour Grigio Metallizzato   Engine configuration 4 cylinder boxer with carburettor
Interior colour Nero   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Skai   Rims 15 inch steel with chrome center-cap
0 - 100 km/u 13.2 sec   Wheels Good Year
Top speed 172 km/u   Production numbers 13418
VIN number 815430016128   Other beautifully preserved car
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Model history

A gorgeous Lancia Flavia series one. In 1961 the mechanically refined highly regarded Flavia appeared on the scene, and one year later Lancia unveiled the coupe. Designed by Pininfarina glancing over at the drawing board nigh to him where the studio of the same name was busy designing the Ferrari 330. This striking design of the Flavia Coupe is certainly one of the reasons as to why she is now a looked after classic. Simultaneously the aficionado will appreciate the for its time progressive and cutting edge techniques. Very sophisticated designs with features many German automakers did not come up with for a significantly longer time. The Flavia is therefore a very well driving and highly regarded comfortable GT. Deservedly discovered by the general public, which makes finding solid good exemplars quite the challenge. This stunner I found in the region round Rome, rust free, solid and straight. The interior had already professionally been done up and looks very tidy. The very well driving car did collect traces of usage after 50 years on the road, therefore I have had her resprayed. Excellent and flawless paint in combination with the superb condition of the brightwork makes for a gorgeous Flavia Coupe. Not wrongly 'over restored' but with respect for the car's age as well mechanically as optically brought back to life. Quite remarkable after 50 car-years.


Options were unknown of at that time. The nice wooden dashboard and ditto steering wheel one received freely with the car given the hefty price tag then.


The bodywork is solid, rust free, straight and has never had any prior welding done. Thanks to its Southern-Italian heritage no filler on the car. Also no recorded damage. Panel-fitment is excellent all round and nicely symmetric. Doors shut lightly. Brightwork is straight and has a deep shine. Evidently no scratches, traces of usage or other damages to the bodywork.


The interior was already largely renewed about ten years ago. The upholstery on the seats and carpeting is therefore in a gorgeous state. All work carried out with respect for originality. We have renewed the wood on the dashboard, the sun enthusiasticly did her work there. The interior is stunning again and forms a harmonious entirety.

Interieur Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800 series 1 '66

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Up front lies the special 1800cc Lancia boxer engine which configuration makes it possible for the engine to sit very low within the car. Predecessor of the first 1500cc engine but now with 92bhp which makes possible for handling everyday traffic. Starts immediately, runs smoothly and does not smoke excessively. The complete engine compartment appears clean and tidy, dry and rust free. The steel wheels are likewise beautifully resprayed and equipped with the stylish Lancia Center caps. The tires are from an unknown brand and will be renewed.

Motor Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800 series 1 '66

History file

Until recently this Lancia Flavia only heard Roman Italian sounds and never saw snow (or salt). Primarily out of a love for cars brought to the north, where I hope she will find a new loving owner. I will then have earned a few Euros, with your approval. You would not have found her easily in this condition and with difficulty got her here so that seems only logical. Come see her and you would kindly reward me. She is besides not perfect, also this classic Flavia was once worth substantially less. Current 2017 I see completely different prices asked for lesser cars, so she is worthy of the effort and money, absolutely.