Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800 1st Series '67

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Mileage 3,076   Bhp 92 pk
Year 1967   Engine capacity 1800 cc
Exterior colour Mouse gray   Engine configuration 4 cylinder with flat carburettor
Interior colour Light gray   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Cloth   Rims 15 inch steel with chrome hubcaps
0 - 100 km/u 13.2 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 172 km/u   Production numbers 13418
VIN number 815330015843   Other Highly original
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Model history

Whenever I acquire a car, I always take a final test ride before putting her up for sale. And I always drive down a stretch of highway in order to see how the mechanics handle the higher speeds. While test driving this car, I inadvertently sped passed a police car, which then pursued and signaled for me to Stop! The officers (why do they always have mustaches?) later said that they had been discussing whether it was Ferrari or Maserati that had sped passed them. Gentleman, it is a Lancia! Nevertheless, they stood there discussing the matter, and eventually the rather surprised driver was allowed to go on his way. Purchase this his car and I promise you that you will often be the center of attention: it cannot be any other way with such a stunning car, and one that was designed by Pininfarina at the same time that the Ferrari 330 was also on their drawing board. What lines - stylish yet sporty – and grace! Not a fault to be seen when viewed from every angle. Both the front and sloping rear are car-aesthetics at its very best. Added to this is the fact that the car was technologically developed under the guidance of renowned Professor Antonio Fessa - the front-wheel drive and brakes were already extremely progressive for the early 1960s. Years later Fessa would be out of a job however, as the car had cost Lancia a fortune: the cost of the superior technology, and the development and production costs, were irresponsibly high. Consequently, the Flavia has remained a relatively unique car of an incomparable level. Lovers of Italian GTs have since discovered the car, and not only because a comparable model from another Italian premium brand costs at least half a million. For a fraction of the price, one can grip the steering wheel of a Flavia Coupe and experience just as much classic Italian automotive style and charm. Such a car must therefore be a really fine and unmodified model, exuding more than just class and stylish airs. See here an unrestored and original model from Italy. That is to say, she has only ever known a dry continental climate in the area around Rome, and hence has never know rust or had any rust-related repair work done on her. A true beauty, which was only repainted and reupholstered for cosmetic reasons. No expense was spared for this work. Drives remarkably well for a car from that era. Rare to find such a car in this mint condition, hence a fine investment with a very high ‘fun factor’.


Few options were available at that time. The fine rubber mats, wooden steering wheel and chrome-ringed wheels came as standard, which, given the steep original purchase price, also makes sense.


What a wonderfully tight, dry and sleek body on this Flavia. Original metal sheeting without a speck of rust, professionally repainted in the original color. Perfect lines and fits. The floor is original and never welded. Never rusted, but older Lancia are also less sensitive to this than most people assume. This Flavia’s chrome is also of the highest quality. Beautifully dent-free and with the brightest shine. The windows and rubbers are flawless and in excellent condition. A Flavia with a very beautiful appearance. The body color is Lancia Grigio Tordi Valle Lan.


The interior deserves a special praise. The seats are new and follow the original design, newly upholstered and stuffed. The rubber floor mat is new (expensive), and of the original Lancia. The dashboard’s wooden elements were freshly varnished. A dry, sunny climate is good for a car’s metal sheeting, but not so for interiors. The wooden steering wheel is original, the dashboard and dials all flawless and functioning perfectly. The headliner is pristine.

Interieur Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800 1st Series '67

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The engine compartment simply oozes originality. Nothing has changed here since she was built, except for the known maintenance and replacement parts. An original, smoothly running engine: no strange noises, no smoke, and perfect oil pressure. The proper model and production plates are all present and accounted for. The trunk is entirely original: no rust there, and featuring the original damping material under the mat, as well as the full-size spare tire and car tools. The wheels are in perfect condition, freshly painted in the original color and replete with the proper Lancia hubcaps and rings. The Michelin tires are excellent.

Motor Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800 1st Series '67

History file

This Flavia Coupe was in the loving hands of one owner for more than 20 years, but owing to advancing age he asked his grandson to sell the car. He drove the car only sporadically, deciding to sell when he saw that further investment would be needed. The grandson meanwhile was more interested in his iPad. We acquired the car and had her professionally repainted, as the paintwork was dull and worn in a few spots. The windows were removed for the repainting. We replaced the floor mats, varnished the dashboard and made the necessary mechanical repairs, including, for example, the clutch. And now we are proud to present a very serious and superior Flavia Coupe from the first series, the most beautiful and hence most highly desired of all. The purchase price includes Dutch registration, two-year MOT, new battery and servicing.