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Mileage 16,186   Bhp 90 pk
Year 1974   Engine capacity 1298 cc
Exterior colour Beige Ceylon   Engine configuration V4 with Solex carburateurs
Interior colour Verde   Engine number 818303094001
Upholstery Cloth   Rims 14-inch steel
0 - 100 km/u 11.9 sec   Wheels Yokohama
Top speed 175 km/u   Production numbers 113000
VIN number 818630064493   Other Rare color and uniquely original
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Model history

"You’ve already got five of them here," the accountant whined when this Fulvia rolled in. And that’s true; however, a cold calculator cannot feel what one feels when in hot southern Italy and seeing this Fulvia for the first time, knowing as one does that in this stunningly beautiful color only a few hundred were ever made, and that they are virtually impossible to find in such mint condition, and it is a third series, without the visually less attractive details of this type. In short, a Fulvia Coupe that you simply cannot walk away from. Although the photos do not do her justice, the color is astounding, especially combined with the beautiful interior. A very fine classic car with that touch of something truly special, that people already stopped to admire when she was out being photographed for the site. The car’s original look charmed the onlookers. A very beautiful, wonderfully preserved Fulvia. Come on down and see for yourself!


Option lists were unknown to Lancia at the time. Nice though that this Fulvia came with headrests, free of charge.


The big plus point for this Fulvia is the hard, tight and rust-free body that was never welded or compromised. Perfect fitting metal sheeting, no signs of wear found anywhere, and a hard bottom. Beautifully preserved, as a car lover expects. The stainless steel and chrome elements are all beautiful, retaining a deep shine. The lamp units are flawless, the bumpers perfectly straight, and the windows undamaged. A beautiful color and extremely stylish look.


A true time machine, is how one can best describe the interior. After all, one can hardly tell from the excellent shape of the seats that for some 40 years a sleek Italian sat there, holding on to the same steering wheel back in 1974 on the way to 'Il Lavoro' or Spiaggia. The simply beautiful interior is entirely original.

Interieur Lancia Fulvia Coupe '74 € 19.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

A perfectly dry engine compartment - no rust here, either. The remarkable, far-forward positioned V engine brings some 90hp to the front wheels, with a five-speed ZF gearbox. The engine runs excellently, no smoke and good oil pressure. The trunk features the original rubber floor mat and includes the original insulation and damping material, plus a full-size spare tire, jack and car tools. The rims are flawless and have good tires all around.

Motor Lancia Fulvia Coupe '74 € 19.950,-

History file

Bought where one must buy such a car if one wants an original, pure Flavia: southern Italy. But do not run out and buy a plane ticket to there right now, because they are virtually impossible to find in this mint condition. We were there to buy a dark blue Flavia from an enthusiastic collector, and also discovered this Fulvia there by chance. After a long lunch, we were ‘allowed’ to buy this Bella Macchina. Thus, she is now in Warmond. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants the best-driving Fulvia Coupe in the series, without the less attractive exterior of the third series. Or for one who wants a Fulvia in an original state and beautiful color scheme. Delivered with ‘old blue’ Dutch license plate, new MoT and servicing.