Lancia Fulvia Coupe Rally 1.3S '69 €23.950,-

For sale: Lancia Fulvia Coupe Rally 1.3S '69 €23.950,-

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Mileage 10,685   Bhp 92 pk
Year 1969   Engine capacity 1298 cc
Exterior colour Verde Corsa Inghilterra   Engine configuration V4 with carburettors
Interior colour Beige   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Skai   Rims 13 inch steel with center cap
0 - 100 km/u 12.4 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 168 km/u   Production numbers 16827
VIN number 818360   Other Very pretty in this rare colour
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Model history

Named after an old Roman road running from Cortona to Torino, the Via Fulvia, this was the car that put Lancia on the rally car map. The Fulvia Rallye 1.3S was launched in 1968 as an ode to rally cars from the first series of Fulvia's, featuring special aluminum doors, trunk and hood, which were also used for the rally and HF models. The engine power was increased to 92hp, due to the further development of the remarkable V4. Weighing only 935 kg, the 1.3S was in its day a speedy sports coupe. Thanks in part to the front-wheel drive, the Fulvia was victorious in several prestigious rallies, culminating in its victory at the World Rally Championship in 1972. Mechanically, the Fulvia was extremely progressive and well built, but commercially the car’s costly development and production was ultimately Lancia’s undoing, and the company was eventually taken over by Fiat. And we all know how that turned out. The Lancia’s that were built by the independent company, founded by Vincenzo Lancia in 1906, are now much-loved and valuable classic cars, thanks to their premium design, build quality and detailing. Oddly enough, though, this wasn’t always the case: in recent years the brand has been busy doing a lot of catching up, meaning that any possible restoration work carried out these cars in the past was usually only moderately done. Hence, when in search of a Fulvia, it is therefore advisable to find an original, like this car, which, except for being repainted once, has the original metal plating underneath. I have seen really good restorations, but unfortunately they are rare. The model offered here then is a Fulvia Coupe from the rarest 1.3S Rally series in a wholly original state (modelled after the HF of course). Expertly repainted only once for cosmetic reasons, nothing welded or tampered with. The windows were removed during the repainting and the rubbers also renewed. The Fulvia is an icon with unique lines and superb mechanics, and highly regarded by today’s aficionados.


Options were hardly existent at the time. A nice wooden steering wheel and dashboard were standard equipment. Fortunately there has not been an ugly radio sawed into the dashboard.


Perfectly executed paintwork on the original bodywork ensures the car of a stunning appearance with a gorgeous deep shine. Throughout correct panel fitment. Evidently no traces of usage nor damages. The trim in chrome and stainless steel is nicely original and undamaged. Window rubbers have been renewed. In this rare colour a rather attractive Rally-S.


The interior embodies the little usage of this Rally-S. On the seats and door cards the original upholstery remains fitted. See the photos for how beautiful and original the shape of the seats for example still remains. Also on the door cards you find the original first skai as Lancia installed it from factory. The dashboard is free of cracks that commonly occur due to excessive sunlight. The original rubber mats are present. Steering wheel, switches and levers look nice and work accordingly. A true time machine..

Interieur Lancia Fulvia Coupe Rally 1.3S '69 €23.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Neat orignal engine compartment with the 92bhp strong V4 engine which has such a small angle it appears to be an inline engine. Therefore very compact. Starts direct, runs smoothly. The complete engine compartment is nicely original and rust free. In the trunk everything nicely original and free of rust. A full spare, carjack and tools are situated on the original rubber mat. The wheels have been resprayed in the original colour. The Michelin tires are older, however with sufficient tread.

Motor Lancia Fulvia Coupe Rally 1.3S '69 €23.950,-

History file

Sold new in 1969 to Lucia Romanelli, born in 1946, in the Southern-Italian town of Martina Franca. Thereafter owned by two gentlemen before coming to The Netherlands. An original instruction booklet is available. This stunning Rally-S in remarkable coloration can be ensured of a growing admiration and following, therefore also a wise investment. Drives nimble and sporty. It was for a reason Lancia won the Rallye de Montecarlo with this type of car.