Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato 1600HF '72

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Mileage 46,194   Bhp 119 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 1584 cc
Exterior colour Silvergrey metallic   Engine configuration 4 cylinder
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Skai   Rims 14 inch Cromodora alloy
0 - 100 km/u 5.7 sec   Wheels CEAT
Top speed 190 km/u   Production numbers 800
VIN number 818750001029   Other Original and rare
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Model history

In all the years I have been working with cars there is something which keeps attracting me to the Fulvia Zagato. Might it be her undervalued underdog position, or are the ever so distinct Zagato lines what keep me fascinated? A beautiful and clever woman with character has never failed to be more attractive than a bimbo with perfect proportions. Fact is, there are hardly any other comparable cars out there, particularly not with this sophisticated level of design. To keep the engine as flat as possible a V4 block was designed with an angle of just 11 degrees which made it possible to have it sit in the car very low indeed. Furthermore cutting-edge features such as front wheel drive, disc breaks all round, a subframe construction, racy five-speed gearbox, and the only Fulvia to ever be produced with electric-power windows. Bonnet and doors made from aluminium. The Zagato built car, designed by Ercole Spada, was suffienclty expensive only 800 were sold. Despite international race success, primarily in endurance racing, and being the worlds fastest front wheel drive car. Its performance and rarity make the Fulvia Sport Zagato with 1600HF engine one of the most special Lancia's ever created. This here car was imported from Italy to The Netherlands two years ago and is in rare original condition. The majority of the bodywork is still in original first paint. The interior, engine and luggage compartment all ooze with originality. Beautifully preserved with tasteful patina. A wonderful drive I must add!


Options were largely unknown of at that time. The fabulous 1600HF seats, oil pressure gauge in the dashboard, alloy Cromodora wheels and electric power windows were standard equipment for the Zagato Sport 1600.


Gorgeous original bodywork. Largely in first paint. Damage free history. Perfect fittings. Beautiful alignment of panels without any form of rust or corrosion. All trim and badges original and in good condition. Light and character adding patina throughout the car. No true damages. As we like to call it 'grown old gracefully' and not subject to a new over- the-top-restoration. All original glass. Bumpers undamaged and nicely aligned to the car. Especially in this coloration uni bella macchina.


The interior is fully original and without significant traces of usage. Concludes how little and carefully this car has been used. The dashboard made from real wood is completely intact and shines nicely. Also on top, no traces left by the burning hot Italian sun. The specifically for this car designed seats are original and in undamaged condition. Stylish headrests. The carpeting is in good condition. All switches, levers and steering wheel are undamaged and function correctly. The electrical powered ventilation mechanism built into the boot works accordingly.

Interieur Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato 1600HF '72

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

In the engine compartment you are greeted by the original 119bhp strong V4 engine with double Solex carburettors. Factory plate with chassis number correctly in place. Everything in nice and dry condition, and has not been tinkered with. The trunk still has the original and undamaged carpeting. A full-size Cromodora spare wheel present, as well as the original carjack and tools. The four alloy wheels are in as-new-condition. Wrapped in excellent tires.

Motor Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato 1600HF '72

History file

Sold new in 1972 by a Lancia 'concessionaria' in the Bologna region. An area with a relatively dry land climate in which conditions bodywork remains in rust free and original state. Through the years taken care of by three Lancia fans, whilst the car was sent of to a specialist for maintenance. Came to The Netherlands in 2012. Complies with Dutch regulation (RDW) and comes equipped with Dutch registration; vintage blue plates. Delivered with new MOT and servicing.