Land Rover Series III Pickup '78 6 cyl. petrol

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For sale: Land Rover Series III Pickup '78 6 cyl. petrol
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About Land Rover Series III Pickup '78 6 cyl. petrol
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Mileage 58,572   Bhp 86 pk
Year 1978   Engine capacity 2598 cc
Exterior colour Sahara Beige   Engine configuration Inline 6-cylinder with carburation
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Vinyl   Rims 14-inch steel
0 - 100 km/u 13.5 sec   Wheels Yokohama
Top speed 130 km/u   Production numbers 45600
VIN number 12345   Other 6-cylinder petrol version
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Model history

A series III Pick Up with a six-cylinder petrol engine, once seen she will not escape your mind, especially in this remarkable condition. The occasional flaws in the paintwork of the bed are there, as well as some minor scuffs, however, this version is incredibly unique and hard to come by. Perfectly suited for the gardener, the undertaker (in that case; for coffins up to 1.80m) or lively promotional activities, a pickup with this aesthetic is an ultimate eye catcher. The essence of the car is also in good order; no rust or corrosion, road tax-exempt, well-driving (for as far as classic Land Rovers drive that is), no diesel fill-ups, and fitted with truly special and nice details. For example; you can cozily and comfortably sit with the three of you abreast and look all around you, on behalf of the unique window design, and not to forget, a Land Rover of this type has adjustable gearing, so that you can pull an oil rig out of the sea. A one-time only offer for a modest price. Incidentally, this Land Rover does meet a number of important criteria; no rust on the chassis, no corrosion of the sheet metal, a beautiful interior, equipped with overdrive and beautifully original gauges.