Lotus Elise S NL-car '07 38.000km

For sale: Lotus Elise S NL-car '07 38.000km

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Mileage 38,952   Bhp 136 pk
Year 2007   Engine capacity 1796 cc
Exterior colour Persian Blu Metallic   Engine configuration Inline 4-cylinder with injection
Interior colour Blue/black/silver   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather/alcantara   Rims 16- & 17-inch
0 - 100 km/u 6.4 sec   Wheels Yokohama
Top speed 205 km/u   Production numbers 18956
VIN number SCCYC11128HD30051   Other Stunning new condition
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Model history

The Elise had heavy boots to fill, being launched as the hopeful saviour for financially struggling Lotus. Despite highly successful in racing, the focus at Lotus always lied at crossing the finish line first, not at paying outstanding invoices. A strong cash position could only be achieved by launching a truly successful model that would sell in large numbers, for Lotus scale that is. And the success the Elise has claimed, can now be evaluated. Not in the last place on behalf of impressive performance, stemming from clever engineering the Elise is full of. Lotus as none other knew thanks to its history in racing what a quick, agile and affordable sports car should comply to. Lightness is prerequisite number one. Body rigidity is number two. Keep in mind a screw only connects at one single point, and you can see the thought that went into the glueing of aluminium parts across the complete chassis, revolutionary for such a street car. The polyester bodywork further added lightness to the car, which made the car, despite sporting a modest 122bhp a quick and utterly agile sports car with neutral and sporty handling on behalf of the mid placed engine. The top speed lies at no less than 240km/h and in fewer than six seconds one would drive 100km/h. With comfortable options and thick isolation you cannot keep a sport car lean, for those who look for the level of excitement of a motorcycle sans helmet, the Elise offers everything one's heart desires. What fun in an Elise! And that for a relatively comprehensible sum when you know how to appreciate its performance and handling. Fun that could potentially turn sour when it concerns a ruined badly kept Elise. Because of the its special chassis construction an Elise has to be damage free surely, and steering well is something she only does when she is serviced properly. This offered example concerns a series two, thus fitted with the 1.8ltr, 136bhp strong Toyota engine. Rapid and reliable. It concerns a Dutch delivered car which holds its first paint without even one mark of usage. The taxation report speaks of a wholly original car, very well kept, garaged under a cover... Better, and foremost more fun it cannot get on four wheels.