Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton Convertible '60

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Mileage 19,223   Bhp 115 pk
Year 1960   Engine capacity 2195 cc
Exterior colour Beige   Engine configuration six cylinder with Bosch injection
Interior colour Tabacco   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Full leather   Rims 13-inch steel with centre cap
0 - 100 km/u 15 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 160 km/u   Production numbers 1112
VIN number 12803010003290   Other Unwelded original body.
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Model history

Mercedes' first post-war design that did not use loose standing self contained front wings but rather a monocoque with attached front wings. It is therefore the W128 received the nickname 'Ponton'. Mercedes endeavoured to acquire a serious market share in the recovering luxury segment again mid 1950s. Innovative mechanicals, high build quality and luxury were assets associated with the make. Nowadays the driving characteristics still astonish anyone who drives a car from this series for the first time. Especially the most luxurious and strongest 220SE excels in comfort and handling on behalf of the 120bhp strong six-cylinder engine and independent suspension. In those days the S behind the type designation still stood for the most luxurious version, later they would call this the renowned S-Class. The E here stands for Einspritz, the mechanical injection from Bosch. Luxury also meant weight so a proper engine the SE Convertible could use. Visually a feast to the eye this 220SE Convertible. Especially gorgeous colouration, atmospheric interior on behalf of lush leather, velours and high-gloss burr walnut wood and chrome throughout, all in all costing more than a new Smart. This here offered exemplar was constructed in 1960 and shipped to sunny California, a guarantee for a solid and rust free body. In 2004 a Danish collector bought the car and had her shipped back to Europe. On behalf of prolonged Californian residence and thereafter a dry and warm garage in Denmark, the car remains rust-free and is nicely conserved. Beautiful 'wealthy' appearance, typical for a big four seater Mercedes from that era. Beautiful tasteful and harmonious colouration. A Sonder-car!


Original Mercedes Benz leather throughout, burr walnut wood on the dash and door cards. Velour floor mats. At that time extensive option lists were not offered, there is however an original radio fitted.


The original, unrestored body has naturally been resprayed. Craftsmanship. The car remains wholly rust free, solid and straight. Never been welded. Nice and tight and all the fittings are correct. Easy closing doors. The brightwork seems new and is in its entirety undamaged. The convertible hood was renewed a few years ago. The back window remains nicely transparent. This 220SE Convertible has an overall beautiful appearance.


The interior received a light restoration a few years ago. The leather got refurbished, the burr walnut wood newly varnished and the floor mats replaced. The white steering wheel is original and undamaged, all switches and levers are beautifully clean and function accordingly. The support and shape of the seats is as new, the leather without traces of usage. An achingly pretty and delightful interior with natural materials and artisan craftsmanship. See the photos

Interieur Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton Convertible '60

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The engine compartment remains in the original 'untouched' condition. 'Matching' engine with mechanical injection from Bosch. In 2005 the engine received an overhaul carried out by an expert at a cost of €18.000,- invoice provided. Evidently the engine now runs perfect and performs as new. The type plate with chassis number fitted is original and has never been taken off. The luggage compartment is upholstered with original carpeting, the space is original and rust free. Full-size spare wheel is present. The 13-inch steel wheels have beautiful Mercedes Benz wheel caps and are fitted with tires we can replace on request.

Motor Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton Convertible '60

History file

In 1960 this 220SE Convertible was sold new in sunny dry California. Almost invariably a guarantee for a solid original body and floor. Mechanicals can be renewed or rebuild, bodywork needs to be original. A premium car such as this Ponton Convertible usually received excellent care considering the hefty new price. Until 2004 she therefore remained in a dry garage in California, whereby upon arrival in Europe she remains in excellent condition. Documents of the import/registration and invoices of the engine rebuild for example all come with the car. A mere 1112 exemplars were constructed of this pretty Mercedes. In a Market where especially Mercedes Benz is on a positive trajectory she can be called an interesting investment.