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Mileage 44,475   Bhp 150 pk
Year 1967   Engine capacity 2497 cc
Exterior colour Beige   Engine configuration 6 cylinder line with carburetion
Interior colour Beige/Grey   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leatherette/fabric   Rims 14 inch steel with hubcaps
0 - 100 km/u 11.8 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 190 km/u   Production numbers 55181
VIN number 10801410049197   Other Original classic car
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Model history

The Mercedes S-class remains the most evocative of Das Haus’ top model range. For many people, the S for Sonder class (or Super class) marks the highest achievement on four wheels. However, the W108 series, produced from 1965 to 1972, was not yet christened the S-Class back then, although this is now regarded as the actual start of the S-Class, which exists to this day. The W108 model also already had the large S after the model designation. The added ‘E’ stands for Einspritz, or injection in English. The 250SE models were the first to leave the factory in Stuttgart in 1965, and owing to their authenticity and purity are now the rising stars in the world of classic cars, especially when the car retains its original appearance and unrestored look, as this 250SE most certainly does. This car is a veritable time machine: step in and everything is original, dating from 1967. The first owner sat on the same upholstered seats back in 1967, and he or she also gripped the same elegant gearshift once upon a time. The realisation that this car – once designated to serve as a luxurious daily passenger car - remains in the same pristine state is also enough to make one’s heart beat faster. While a 300SL usually automatically disappeared under a sheet in a garage, the four-door 250SE’s usually did not. Consequently, finding one is a rare exception to the rule. This is a fantastically driving and totally original SE that clearly has not had a hard life, nor seemingly has anyone ever sat in the back seat. I happen to know however that the last owner’s daughter was married in this car, which I which I witnessed, and hence can assure you that the lovely bride and her approximate 56kg sat on the right-side that one time. This car has always remained undamaged. Most importantly, this SE has remained rust-free to this day, which, for a German car dating from the 1960s and ‘70s, is quite a rarity. It is therefore a special occasion when I can offer such a mint condition 250SE.


Mercedes did not earn much from options in those days. She comes with power steering, but one did not have to pay extra for that.


This 250SE’s amazingly tight and original body deserves special praise, painted in the classic grey white colour and wholly undamaged. Not a speck of rust anywhere and never welded or restored. Everything shuts perfectly, as it did originally. Not a stone ship or scratch found anywhere. The paintwork and chrome elements are all deeply shining. The bumpers unworn and free of parking scratches. The undercarriage is original and rust-free.


As previously described, this is a veritable time machine that transports one back to 1967. Nothing in the interior was renewed or altered, and the original plastic mats dating from 1967 are still found under the current coconut matting. The fabric on the seats is also original, and the seats have fully retained their original shape. The door panels, dashboard, headliner and more have all ‘aged beautifully’. And also wholly undamaged. An incredibly stylish atmosphere!

Interieur Mercedes Benz 250SE Sedan '67

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

What a beautiful engine compartment! The inner screens are pristine and in the original paint. No oil residues nor rust anywhere in the engine compartment, which is extremely neat and original looking. And recently serviced, too. The battery bracket missing in the photos is included with the car. All factory plates and stickers are properly present. The trunk - which still features the original floor mat, with no rust or moisture underneath - contains the spare tire, jack and car tools. The 14-inch wheels with original hubcaps have seemingly brand new Michelin tires all around.

Motor Mercedes Benz 250SE Sedan '67

History file

This 250SE’s highly preserved condition is owing to her origin: she was sold new in Italy, south of Bologna. The car was always garaged and has had only three owners. Every element reveals that this car was not only rarely driven but also always regularly serviced. The tires are recently new, while the exhaust was renewed last year. The previous owner also bought a new battery from the Mercedes Benz dealership. In short, a beautifully maintained and original SE. Classic Mercedes’s continue to appreciate in value if they meet the aficionados’ key criteria, and I can assure you that this 250SE certainly does.