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Mileage 78,448   Bhp 160 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 2778 cc
Exterior colour Dark Blue Metallic   Engine configuration 6 cylinder line with injection
Interior colour Blue   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Velour   Rims Steel with hubcaps
0 - 100 km/u 9.8 sec   Wheels Michelin XWX
Top speed 193 km/u   Production numbers 91051
VIN number 10801810075480   Other Highly original and beautiful
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Model history

The leading Italian classic car magazine, ‘Ruoteclassiche’, regularly publishes a comprehensive overview of the current popularity of classic cars. Among the top ten fastest climbers on the list are Lancia Fulvia, BMW CS, and Mercedes W108 S-Class. And of course there is good reason why the general public has now discovered what Mercedes aficionados and collectors long knew: the W108 is Mercedes at its best. A beautiful, timeless design, advanced technology (yet no irresponsible risks taken), comfortable and safe. The 108 series proved to be a resounding success for Mercedes. Thanks to the abundant use of chrome and her classic, 1960s stylish airs, she is the best-looking, best driving in the S-class. A powerful yet smooth engine, with power steering; this is a fast and extremely comfortable car, which was originally designed for intensive, daily driving. However, a limited number remain to be cherished as 'Sunday afternoon cars’, with many kilometers still to go, because in northern Europe these cars usually would eventually fall prey to the rust demon, while in the hot, dry parts of the world not many people could afford to buy such a grand automobile. In short, it’s not easy to find a hard-bodied and beautifully original model. This car - originally delivered in Italy - is of course an exception to the rule, as one would expect from us. Dry, tight and rust-free metal sheeting. Beautiful chrome, featuring the original interior. She is an original 'survivor', a veritable time machine of a classic car.


Stylishly equipped with tinted glass, power steering, velour upholstery and front and rear arm supports.


The body of the 280SE is sleek, cool and totally rust-free. All lines are beautifully symmetrical, the doors closing by themselves. Never damaged, never welded. The deeply shining blue metallic paintwork is flawless, the chrome pristine - not a sign of wear anywhere on this stunningly original classic car.


The interior’s originality deserves special praise. This 280SE clearly did not have a hard life. The oft-delicate velour is flawless, tight, and shining on the front and rear seats. The luxurious seats are also replete with the original headrests. The carpeting is original, in excellent condition. The wood atop the dashboard is flawless - not damaged by the heat of the sun. Get in and be transported back to 1972.

Interieur Mercedes Benz 280SE Sedan '72

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

A 280SE is the first model of the 108 series to come equipped with Bosch mechanical injection. The six-cylinder line engine runs smoothly, quietly, delivering 160hp to the rear wheels. Comfortable yet very fast for its time. One finds the original engine in an engine compartment that is rust-free and retains its original, beautiful blue color. The bulkhead contains the original insulation; furthermore, nothing was changed or improperly modified. The trunk is dry and rust-free; the undercarriage has never been wet. Comes with spare tire, car tools and an original twist jack. The steel wheels are equipped with the proper MB hubcaps and excellent Michelin tires.

Motor Mercedes Benz 280SE Sedan '72

History file

Sold new by an Italian Mercedes dealer. Coincidentally, we know the dealer, and he told us that his father sold this car to a successful lawyer from Bologna. Has had only three subsequent owners, and the Mercedes lover-trader offering this car knew I was a fan of this model. For some three years I drove just such a car. Wonderful for everyday use. I also know her ‘weak’ spots. I can tell you that this model is a fine one. Delivered with Dutch registration, new MOT and servicing.