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Mileage 64,397   Bhp 170 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 2798 cc
Exterior colour Dark Green   Engine configuration Inine 6-cylinder with injection
Interior colour Tabacco   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Skai   Rims 15-inch with chromed centre cap
0 - 100 km/u 10.5 sec   Wheels Goodyear
Top speed 200 km/u   Production numbers 23885
VIN number 11304412008953   Other New convertible hood
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Model history

It is not for nothing the W113SL series is one the most looked after Mercedes Benz convertibles. The beautiful classic design corresponds perfectly, thanks to chrome usage with one's perception of a classic from the 1960s. And then offers a great drive experience too. The motoring press at the time wrote as if the car was on rails. In comparison to prior 190SL models the W113 received a powerful six-cylinder engine that produced a strong 170bhp in the latest 280 versions. Comfortable and smooth a 280SL will bring you to Southern Europe, with the reliability only a Mercedes could offer. When she has been well kept of course. The interior is roomy and offers plenty of legroom also to larger passengers. This here offered exemplar is fitted with headrests too. This 280SL is worthy of being called a special car. In contrast with the market for SL's where many are non-europeans cars, it here concerns an original European car in above average condition. Aesthetically this SL misses some lesser loved items, the headlights for example are conform the original design of Paul Bracq. Most importantly is the European final drive ratio of the differential. This resulted in the car making noticeably fewer revelations at higher speeds than the US version. Thus improving comfort. Moreover, it here concerns the smooth automatic version. This here offered 280SL came to the Netherlands as early as 1997 and only had one owner here, whom did not in the slightest spare maintenance expenses judging from the invoices present. As a result of diligent care; the engine was rebuilt amongst others, she drives perfectly. See the beautiful engine in the perfectly clean engine bay. The car received a full professional respray in the original colour commissioned by us. Purely for cosmetical reasons, rust this SL has never seen. Also the aged convertible hood we had renewed by a specialist trimmer. The car is therefore very well kept and and cosmetically spoilt, the base remains original and never needed restoration. That is an important added value for a classic car. Note the condition of the original interior, the car is noticeably carefully used. In short an SL for those who want to drive carefree and want to enjoy uncompromising looks. There is an extensive history file present with the car. The car will be delivered with a new MOT, wind deflector, warranty and service. Having regard to the ever increasing demand for healthy and good SL's also a sensible investment.