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Mileage 118,825   Bhp 218 pk
Year 2001   Engine capacity 3199 cc
Exterior colour Silver grey metallic   Engine configuration V6 with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 16-inch MB alloy
0 - 100 km/u 10.9 sec   Wheels Continental Sport Contact
Top speed 180 km/u   Production numbers 28952
VIN number WDC1631541A245475   Other economical VAT regulation
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Model history

For those who would like to drive an SUV with a highly attractive addition, the choice is very limited. The interesting tax rule simply applies to cars of 15 years or older. Then the question rests: “which car is the most reliable and representative?” A certain German premium brand that has stood for solidity for decades as a result of the highest attainable build quality. Naturally it remains a car, you put your coffee machine on the street for 15 years, then the "luck" factor is not unimportant. One of the conditions with which you create your own luck is a good start to the purchase, that means buying a well-maintained example with a low mileage. The first SUV model of Mercedes Benz sold more than 600,000 examples for good reason. The ML320 was the success model. On the road she drives almost like a normal passenger car, and she also performs very well off-road. Safe, comfortable and practical. Moreover, very suitable for those who have tasks where power is crucial. For example, pulling a boat out of the water in a responsible manner. This special ML only drove an average of 7,500 km per year, which reflects in the overall appearance of the car and numerous not unimportant details. Optically she still appears completely original, undamaged and without traces of usage. This ML320 is equipped with air-conditioning, fully electric adjustable seats, a leather interior, cruise control, original MB radio / CD player, alloy AMG wheels, roof rails, electric windows, central locking doors with key fob and several other options of less importance. The ML is equipped as standard with ETS, an electronic system that ensures optimum grip under all circumstances. As soon as a wheel starts to slip, the system shifts the driving force to another wheel so that the car is guaranteed of traction in every situation, so there is always grip without the driver having to think about it. If you do choose for a car that is fifteen years or older, then you might as well opt for the most reliable and technically modern SUV out there. I present to you an attractively priced and fully ready to be driven ML320. Let us calculate the fiscal benefits. Obviously, private buying is also welcome.