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Mileage 31,661   Bhp 279 pk
Year 2000   Engine capacity 4298 cc
Exterior colour Azurite Blu Metallic   Engine configuration V8 with injection
Interior colour Grey   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Full Leather   Rims 17-inch Mercedes lichtmetaal
0 - 100 km/u 7 sec   Wheels Klebér
Top speed 250 km/u   Production numbers 62345
VIN number WDB2200651A075483   Other As new!
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Model history

Das Haus in all its Modesty. Even better put a Mercedes S-Class in all modesty. For those who want to experience the sensibility, driving characteristics and the ultimate comfort of the S-Class on a daily basis without being called out for it. As a result of non-dramatic styling, where Mercedes set the tone with at the time, the car does not appear prominent, whilst the interior was in fact more spacious compared to the old significantly bigger S-Class model. The design was besides the answer to shut down critics calling the old model 'boxy'. It was mainly in Europe and the US where a demand for a more subtle looking luxurious capitalist car came from. The increased worries for the climate and own capital obviously called for a more economical S-Class. Mission accomplished, Mercedes Benz managed to sell more S-Classes than were sold of the prior generation. Not in the last place on behalf of great driving characteristics, which on safety and comfort standard are virtually impossible to surpass. In the W220 S-Class the so-called Airmatic air suspension system with automatic ride height, ESP, ABS and no less than eight airbags was fitted. The body was reinforced on the crucial points and safety features such as LED brake lights (which take less time to cast out light) were fitted. Here offered exemplar can easily be called unique. This S430 truly is an as good as new vehicle. Only 31.000km on the clock, driven on a regular basis however, therefore the car does not have any of the issues that come with long term stored cars. As well the interior as exterior are wholly original and in new condition. For those who want to move about representatively either private or business, in a very luxurious car in the lowest possible tax bracket. Without extension cord that is.


Very complete specification with a.o. automatic climate control, heated seats, cruise control, fully electric adjusting seats with memory function, Park Distance control front and rear, Command Audio system with CD changer and steering wheel controls, electrically adjustable steering wheel, Airmatic air suspension, alloy wheels, Xenon lights, etc.


Wholly new condition in and throughout, with not one scuff or trace of usage. On behalf of careful usage and garage storage of the car the paint retains its deep original shine without any noticeable effects the weather might have brought. The little brightwork there is remains nicely shiny. The bumpers front and rear are flawless.


New! The interior even smells new. The leather is supple and clean, as if no one has ever taken place on them, virtually no difference between the driver and passenger chair can be seen. The floor mats are original and without signs of usage. Switches, steering wheel and all levers are all as new. This S430 has never been smoked in.

Interieur Mercedes Benz S430 '00 31.000km

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Mercedes is one of the largest and best producers of V8 engines. In the W220 S-Class Mercedes presented a relatively economical and high-torque V8 with 4.3ltr engine capacity sending 290bhp to the rear wheels. The result is an extremely comfortable, quiet, and when desired, quick S-class minus the incredibly horrific petrol consumption, which was in fact one of the most important commissions upon designing this car. This exemplar with very low milage evidently boasts a new looking engine compartment in which all is original. The alloy wheels are undamaged and free of brake dust. Tires are in very good order.

Motor Mercedes Benz S430 '00 31.000km

History file

Almost self-explanatory I acquired this car from its first owner. Neatly serviced and comes with all original booklets and documentation. Manuals and sets of keys are complete. An almost uncompromising S-Class which is just 'old' enough to fall under beneficial tax regulations. For net €175,- per month you can drive this luxurious premium car on account of your business. Have us, or rather have your very own accountant make the calculations what you could save. Do mind, not every accountant is fully aware of this regulation, asking more concrete questions sometimes pays off. For starters you can tell him you will receive a ready to drive and neatly delivered S430 which you will remain to enjoy for a ling time, in all aspects that is.