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Mileage 98,415   Bhp 60 pk
Year 1962   Engine capacity 1598 cc
Exterior colour Black   Engine configuration 4 cylinder line with carburettor
Interior colour Bordeaux   Engine number 705952
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch steel with hubcaps
0 - 100 km/u 11.8 sec   Wheels Hankook
Top speed 163 km/u   Production numbers 15354
VIN number 120062   Other Stunning color combination!
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Model history

Although Ferry Porsche takes the credit, it was in fact one of his Austrian employees who devised this now world-famous design: Erwin Komenda. And certainly Erwin never dreamed that in the year 2016, his design would attract more attention than the 600hp Supercar parked next to it. The B356 has 60hp. But this now iconic design exudes such genuine and simple charm that the car has become very popular, although do not underestimate its fine driving characteristics. The car’s low weight, and the constantly evolving technology that went into it, rendered the 356 a wonderful and tight-steering car to drive then and also now. This is an extremely attractive car lovers’ car, thanks in part to the alluring sound of the engine and stunning look of the classic dashboard, which is a work of art in itself. The 356 has long topped the list of iconic classic cars and thus has become increasingly valuable. According to recent estimates, less than half of the original production numbers are still available today, which is notable given that Porsche produced very limited numbers of cars back then compared to today’s standards. In an economy in which one must pay bank interest, a work of art on wheels is a wise and especially enjoyable investment.


Not many options were available back then. The beautiful Nardi steering wheel is however a delectable extra.


This 356 B was meticulously restored ten years ago. We deemed the original undercarriage to be in too poor of a condition for responsibly selling the car, so we renewed it using the original metal sheeting material - invoice available. The body is tight, the paintwork of an exceptionally high quality, speck-free and nicely 'thin'. Beautiful, proper lines everywhere; the hood and trunk are perfectly straight. The overall look of this car is stunning, stylish and classic.


The interior was also renewed: new upholstery on the seats, floor carpeting, new dashboard top…even the headlining is pristine. All materials are original and authentically date from the time period. The beautiful, varnished Nardi steering wheel is like new. Beautiful dashboard in the proper vehicle color. No damage or signs of wear anywhere here.

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

In the pristine engine compartment one finds the proper 60hp, 4 cylinder boxer engine, deriving from an engine that Porsche originally designed for VW. This engine was modified during the restoration and still starts and runs perfectly – sounds good, no smoke. The 'trunk' contains the spare tire, 6-volt battery, car tools and jack. The steel wheels are equipped with finely shining chrome hubcaps.

History file

Sold new in Italy, hence, a European model with a kilometer odometer. Thanks to Italy’s mild continental climate, the body is beautifully preserved and was only restored for cosmetic reasons. The undercarriage metal sheeting was replaced by professionals. Looks nice and tight. The car drives outstandingly - 'fast' and smooth. Delivered with new ‘old blue’ Dutch license plates, new MOT and servicing.