Porsche 911 2.4 T CIS Coupe '73 Matching numbers, first paint €79.911,-

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For sale: Porsche 911 2.4 T CIS Coupe '73 Matching numbers, first paint €79.911,-
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Mileage 95,883   Bhp 140 pk
Year 1973   Engine capacity 2341 cc
Exterior colour Bahia   Engine configuration 6-cylinder boxer with Bosch injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number 6135033
Upholstery Vinyl/cloth   Rims 15-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 7.9 sec   Wheels Vredestein Sprint Classic
Top speed 210 km/u   Production numbers 1944
VIN number 9113102905   Other 90% first paint
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Model history

The highest attainable in the world of classic cars is complete originality. The fact that this exact car was picked up at the dealer close to a half century ago and driven over the years on all kinds of journeys make this car a mythical Time Machine. In case of this car, the story starts on the 8th of February in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1973, when Mr. Lawrence T. Miller takes delivery of his Bahia red 911. Until this day the car remains wholly original apart from a repainted rear left wing. The complete car remains in original, very well cared for condition, and rust-free! The last engine variation in the classic 911 lineup, before the impact bumper years, was fitted with a Bosch KJetronic injection system. The reliable system ensured the T of more power and improved the engine management which as a result runs brilliantly smooth and picks up superbly. The 2.4T cars with this engine produce a hefty 140bhp and perform noticeably better and more constant than the carburation variant. To comply with emission regulations the system was applied to US models from 1973, where it became standard in Europe a year later in 1974. Therefore, this US 2.4T is relatively scarce and desirable. Above all, with serious law enforcement from the US government to counter speeding, these US models rarely have 'trashed'' engines. This example still has its original 2.4T CIS (Continuous Injection System) engine. Evidently carefully executed maintenance is just as important, and that is where this T-coupe shines. The car comes with all service invoices as from 1973 and even the original stamped and filled in service manual, birth certificate, original spare keys and toolkit, all is presented very nicely and complete. A 911T from 1973 in very nearly first paint throughout, with a full proven history- and service history, flawless Fuchs wheels and interior, that is a rarity. A sensible investment complies to these points of critique. Last but not least, there are the wonderful driving characteristics, a photo cannot explain this, pop by...