Porsche 911-993 Rebel Classic WideBody Coupe 300BHP €89.911,-

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Mileage 21,374   Bhp 300 pk
Year 1979   Engine capacity 3598 cc
Exterior colour Silvergrey metallic   Engine configuration 6 cylinder boxer with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number 63R06319
Upholstery Skai/cloth   Rims 16-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 5.2 sec   Wheels Good Year
Top speed 275 km/u   Production numbers 1
VIN number 9119201956   Other Back dated super fast 911
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Model history

As Porsche enthusiast, you have most definitely heard of the American company with the name Singer. For those who only want the best of the best and a state-of-the-art air-cooled 911. A little detail not to overlook is the price, starting from €600.000, which in my humble opinion is out of touch with regards to what one gets. And despite that, a delivery period of a few years… One thing is certain, one cannot play the depreciation game, reportedly there is only one Singer Porsche that was ever sold to a second owner for a price that would also buy you a manor house. Of course I understand this comparison can only be made partially, nevertheless; I present the 911 Rebel Classic Widebody. At the least this brutish looking classic has comparable looks. Note the gorgeous hips of the widebody, the retro front-end and central sports exhaust. Visually a 60s-70s 911 with RS-wide rear wings and 16-inch Fuchs wheels. The body is from a ’79 911SC which were galvanized from factory and therefore rust free. The interior was upholstered with classic Pepita diamond cloth and fitted with a Prototipo sports steering wheel and period correct floor mats. You might be thinking: “Nice looking backdated 911’’. This is just the start of more to come, it is not just looks. Yet the real car enthusiast has senses that go beyond looks, senses so eager to be addressed … and they want ... an experience! Maybe even a sensation if they are already used to a few things. What this 911 Rebel is really about is the dynamics that this beautifully built 911 has to offer thanks to the underlying surface. A concise overview; none other than Rebel Engineering in Steenwijk scooped a revised and spiced 993 engine in this 911 Rebel. It's not a matter of adjusting a few screws or engine mounts. Renewing wiring harnesses, replacing fuel lines, modifying the gearbox, fitting the heat exchanger, adjusting the exhaust (GT3), upgrading the (sports) clutch, strengthening the chassis and suspension, making numerous electronics suitable for the 993 engine and much more (documented) work. More than € 80,000 was spent to achieve this result, and it does not disappoint. Phenomenal performance and handling which gives you the opportunity to drive the car on its limited and apply all its power, with an exhaust note that would even embarrass a Carrera GT. For short, this is not your typical backdated 911, this is a drivers machine with sublime performance and a unique experience. On behalf of the roomy electrically adjustable Carrera seats lengthy drivers can get comfortable too. The sports steering wheel naturally falls into the driver's hands, creature comforts such as electric windows and a sunroof are nice additions to the classic look. The well thought through engineering of this 911 Rebel ensures it with the status of an utmost reliable and usable classic. A quite seldom combination for a bespoke 911. The build covered a period of over two years, with a start in 2016. The hefty history file is full of invoices and information regarding its build, original instruction and service manuals. All considered a worthy investment.