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Mileage 186,229   Bhp 270 pk
Year 1994   Engine capacity 3598 cc
Exterior colour Midnight Blu Metallic   Engine configuration Six cylinder boxer with injection
Interior colour Dark Blue   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 17-inch Porsche Cup
0 - 100 km/u 5.3 sec   Wheels Bridgestone
Top speed 270 km/u   Production numbers 15700
VIN number WP0ZZZ99ZRS331323   Other New convertible hood
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Model history

Porsches perfectionism of the air-cooled 911 is the in 1993 introduced 993. Of an unequaled build quality, wonderful handling and due to the air-cooled boxer engine an engine sound that enhances the experience. The Porsche aficionado knows and values the positive aspects of the 993 very well, which makes it a very looked after classic. Especially the rare convertible version that has acquired classic status over the years that raises the value development. The driving characteristics are not to be called classic however. This very direct steering and with multilink wheel suspension equipped 911 allows for you to control her like a modern car which appears to be on rails. With 270bhp on the rear wheels you will experience the best of sporty pure driving pleasure. Ideal. When the car then rewards you with trouble free and new-like motoring the fun would twice as big. This rare, nice and complete carefully used exemplar is an investment with fun-factor. A mere 15.700 convertibles from this type were constructed. In gorgeous Midnight Blu Metallic with new convertible hood and matching dark blue hide, it can deservedly be called a special and rare car. Which is good for the appreciating value development. I cannot make it any more fun.


Complete specification; a.o. fully electric adjustable drivers seat, in elevation adjustable passenger seat, heated seats, cruise control, electric convertible hood with built in wind deflector, Cameleon radio/cd player, central locking with fob, etc.


Gorgeous Midnight Blu Metallic body with not one scratch or stone chip to be found. Very nice paint quality, deep lustre. Evidently all paneling original and damage free. The bumpers do not have any parking damages. The convertible hood has recently been renewed and is virtually new. Clear to see trough rear window without any damages. This 993 convertible appears 'as new'.


The interior is worthy of a special mention, a 993 is not in the slightest a young car, however the interior is in pristine condition. This is of course dependent on how the car was used. There are no significant traces of usage. Nice supple and thick dark blue leather seats, also no wear on the bolsters of the driver seat. Everything original and undamaged. Carpeting is nicely clean. The in leather upholstered steering wheel is nicely smooth and undamaged. The car has never been smoked in. The leather in contrast to these photos appears darker in day light.

Interieur Porsche 993 Carrera 2 Convertible '94

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The engine compartment is very clean and clearly in original factory condition. All stickers and plates from factory are present. Only the official Porsche dealer and renowned specialists have performed maintenance here. The luggage compartment is clean and undamaged. Here one finds the space saver, tool kit and jack. Also here all plates and stickers present in the correct places. The 17-inch Porsche Cup wheels are original and virtually undamaged. Wrapped in new Bridgestone tires.

History file

Everything about this 993 convertible breaths the atmosphere of a delicately used classic that got recognised very early to grow into an icon of the air-cooled era. As soon as 2003 this 993 convertible came from Germany to the Netherlands. In the mean time the car had just two owners. Recently the car had all mechanicals checked over and received maintenance where necessary. So four new tires were installed, the convertible hood got renewed, a major service was carried out and all functions were checked thoroughly. This 993 is totally ready for the new season, while you can make the decision to keep driving her on behalf of practicality. Will be delivered with a new MOT and service