Rolls-Royce Phantom '07 7.400km €159.950,-

For sale: Rolls-Royce Phantom '07 7.400km €159.950,-

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Mileage 7,414   Bhp 460 pk
Year 2007   Engine capacity 6749 cc
Exterior colour Black Diamond/Silver   Engine configuration V12 with injection
Interior colour Cream/black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Full leather   Rims 21-inch Rolls-Royce alloy
0 - 100 km/u 5.9 sec   Wheels Goodyear
Top speed 240 km/u   Production numbers 6890
VIN number SCA1S68007UX01086   Other Wholly original, full proven history
Export/import service

Model history

Still the single most prestigious car make of all, Rolls-Royce. After a complex battle with the Volkswagen group in the late nineties, BMW now owns the prestigious brand. Despite critical assessment towards this combination at the time, they now enjoy a happy marriage. English tradition and prestige intertwined with German perfection; it is a combination that works beautifully. The monumental Phantom may be developed by, further down the prestige-scale, BMW, mechanically it catapulted Rolls Royce to a level it would never have gotten under its own steam. Four years the Bavarian engineers worked alongside the admirable colleagues from the English town of Crew, constructing a state-of-the-art new factory and a completely new car. No continuation of the old, and dare I say it, mechanically inferior Rolls-Royce from the past. BMW would only be associated with the very best. And so it came to pass. An aluminium "space frame" was developed to ensure rigidity of the 5,84m long body. On this space frame aluminium and composite panels. The biggest Rolls ever, would most certainly not be the heaviest. The foundation of the 460bhp V12 engine was a BMW product with highly reputable credentials, which for this occasion was enlarged to 6,7 litres. The power is released from the very start of the rev-range on behalf of genius engineering, all torque is available right from the start. A German ZF gearbox, air-suspension, automatic levelling, computerized suspension provide the ultimate liaison between comfort and performance. How 'German' this all may be, visually the Phantom still embodies the English aristocracy. Design, materials, and controls are of a level any wealthy Dutchman would have paid €525.000,- for in 2007. Note the so-called 'Coach' doors, with integrated umbrella's, the vast room, writing tables, the solid wooden dashboard inclusive of the iconic Rolls-Royce ventilator design and the endless list of other extras, at your service to comfort you. The fact that this version Phantom, the VII, was built for fourteen years is evidence of a highly successful product. Strong designs are almost never overtaken by time. In your Phantom you don't mind being overtaken, you know better.


Anything the 'happy-few' could possibly desire in 2007 can be found in this Phantom, inclusive the Spirit of Ecstasy sinking in the impressive grill after locking the vehicle.


For a premium price of a few tens of thousands euros more Rolls-Royce would deliver a Phantom in a so-called two-tone finish. After the systematic application of both coats of paint, clear gloss coat was applied, to take away the transition in paints. The body, and paint of this Phantom is wholly original and in absolute new condition without any signs of usage.


The interior embodies the remarkably low milage of the car. No traces of usage, all remains new and freshly clean, untouched even, All switchgear is original and functions accordingly. Smells as new.

Interieur Rolls-Royce Phantom '07 7.400km €159.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Study the photos, truly every detail in the engine and luggage-compartment breaths the atmosphere of an as-good-as- new prestigious limousine. Fitted with excellent 21-inch Goodyear tires.

Motor Rolls-Royce Phantom '07 7.400km €159.950,-

History file

Delivered new in Monaco on August 30 2007. Now acquired by the second owner, a familiar of ours. This billionaire was chauffeured around and owned multiple cars of the same make. The chauffeur was also responsible to ensure the cars would receive services timely. Servicing has been executed by Rolls-Royce Cap-d'Ail in Monaco. Service stamps are nicely present in the manual, invoices are present. The car is complete with both umbrellas, set of keys, original trickle charger, booklets and documents from the previous owner. The sales price is sans € 3.900,- BPM if you desire Dutch registration. (Private motor vehicle tax in the Netherlands)