Saab 900 Turbo Convertible '91 152.000km

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About Saab 900 Turbo Convertible '91 152.000km
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Mileage 152,000   Bhp 170 pk
Year 1991   Engine capacity 1998 cc
Exterior colour Piano Black   Engine configuration Inline six cylinder with injection and turbo
Interior colour Beige   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch Saab Alloy
0 - 100 km/u 10.5 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 200 km/u   Production numbers 38888
VIN number YS3AL75L4M7014450   Other Nice exemplars become rare!
Export/import service

Model history

Mid 1980s the American Saab importer came up with the idea of selling a convertible version of the already successfully landed 900, especially in the sunny states of the US a convertible 900 would be considered very attractive. In Sweden this was not particularly a priority. Understandable. And so it started. 900 hardtops were delivered to Valmet ( reputable producer in the industry, that for example built the Boxster for Porsche) located in Finland where they made the cars into convertibles. Evidently equipped with needed reinforcement and different doors to hug the large sills. This production process made it very costly to build a 900 convertible. As a result of this, and high taxes on vehicles, the catalogue price of a 900 convertible in The Netherlands at the time was around fl.100.000,- Almost twice the price of a hardtop 900. At the time that kind of money would also buy you an apartment. The model gained appreciation over the years, and, because there are not a lot of alternatives, is nowadays a looked after car. After all, which convertible offers besides fun also this amount of practical space and safety. Meanwhile they are always 20 years old which makes it harder and harder to find a nice and scarcely used exemplar. They have never been worth the amount of money one would have to invest into a proper restoration, which is why I look into nice and well kept original exemplars. Of which this is one.


This 900 Classic has air-conditioning, four electric powered windows, central locking, beige leather, electric seat elevation, airbag, recently renewed convertible hood and a set of original covers for the convertible roof.


A classic Saab 900 can, when the car has been sitting outside in the Netherlands, show rust. This exemplar is wholly rust free and original. Beautifully tight and damage free coach. No traces of usage noticeable. Nice full lustre in the paintwork. Bumpers nicely black without parking scuffs. The complete exterior of this 900 has a beautiful appearance.


Beautiful beige leather on the seats, original thus never replaced, not torn or shifted. Carpeting undamaged and fresh. Saab floor mats in the foot wells. All switches and levers are tidy and clearly readable. Door cards never dismantled and undamaged. The car has never been smoked in.

Interieur Saab 900 Turbo Convertible '91 152.000km

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

In the evidently very well kept engine compartment one finds the full-pressure Turbo engine with intercooler that spins nicely and calm and remains fresh evidently. The Saab 900 with full-pressure Turbo engine is also the ideal (travel) vehicle for longer distances, the engine power ensures the car of acceptable low revs at autobahn speeds. All factory plates neatly present. The engine compartment is undamaged and clean. Here one find the space saver, toolkit and jack, The 15-inch alloy Saab wheels are free from parking scuffs and wrapped in good Michelin tires.

Motor Saab 900 Turbo Convertible '91 152.000km

History file

Sold new in 1991 to an American Diplomat that worked in a few European countries, the car has an odometer that shows both kilometres and miles, the car is however European specification. Fitted with catalytic converter. Special is the presence of the original instruction- and service manuals. This 900 Turbo Convertible nicely 'aged' in original condition. Special is also the rust free condition of the chassis. The car will be delivered with a new MOT and service.