Volvo 245 Estate Super Polar '92 133,000km

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Mileage 133,674   Bhp 112 pk
Year 1992   Engine capacity 1998 cc
Exterior colour Anthracite Metallic   Engine configuration 4 cylinder line with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 14 inch BBS/Volvo alloy
0 - 100 km/u 13 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 175 km/u   Production numbers 1800000
VIN number YV1245273N1936972   Other Top car!
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Model history

For twenty years Volvo built the renowned 240 series. Few cars have ever experienced so much success. The model – immediately recognizable and unlike no other – became an outright classic. Nevertheless, during a daily drive you may encounter one, although rarely one looking so healthy. A 245 drives effortlessly, even after half a million kilometers, but that also means that rarely are they to find so beautiful and rust-free. Yet whomever wants to transport themselves and everything else has here an extremely loyal workhorse. And one who wishes to take great pride in her goods looks need look no further than her here. Moreover, a car with such low mileage offers even more continuity than the 240 series already stands for. Truly remarkable - as usually the local contractor or plasterer has already been at work and that one does not even want to contemplate. For those seeking a very fine and mechanically sound car to happily grow old together in, this here is the car for you! Completely original - even in color - with seemingly indestructible black leather on the seats. Hence, they call her the Super Polar. Ready for anyone desiring a classic car with room to spare and the option of driving her daily.


The Super Polar model comes with a super strong and thick leather interior, power windows, central door lock and alloy wheels.


This Estate’s beautiful body is wholly undamaged and rust-free, with no signs of wear anywhere. Beautiful paint quality, thanks to always being garaged and loving cared for. Really…no rust anywhere. The bumpers are perfectly straight on the car, no parking scrapes or dents. A classic yet stylish look.


The interior deserves special praise: totally original from floor upholstery to door panel and headliner. The seats retain their original, fully supportive shape, while the leather is flawless and pristine. The original floor carpeting is also flawless, as are the steering wheel, switches and dashboard. Non-smoker. The trunk seems like it was never used.

Interieur Volvo 245 Estate Super Polar '92 133,000km

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Extremely clean, well-kept engine compartment. The various factory stickers and even the paper barcodes reveal that this is a car that was rarely used. The entire engine compartment is beautifully original. The trunk is replete with the original upholstery and cover. The four BBS/Volvo wheels are flawless. The Michelin tires are superb.

Motor Volvo 245 Estate Super Polar '92 133,000km

History file

Acquired from the second owner and purchased due to her otherworldly reliability, dependability and safety. Nothing to work on daily. Just get in and revel in her uniquely authentic state. Truly a rarity, of which there’s not a half dozen like her left in the world, which is to say as long as one does not compare apples to oranges. It is the kilometer count, condition, color and performance that establish the true value of this exceptional classic car. Purchase price includes new MOT and servicing.