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Mileage 150,307   Bhp 124 pk
Year 1973   Engine capacity 1985 cc
Exterior colour Light Blue Metallic   Engine configuration Inline 4-cylinder with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch steel with centre cap
0 - 100 km/u 10.5 sec   Wheels Ceat
Top speed 180 km/u   Production numbers 8077
VIN number 1836363004498   Other restored body
Export/import service

Model history

In the late 1950s also Swedish manufacturer Volvo wanted to profit from the high demand of sporty European cars, which in the first place mainly came from the US. As early as 1957 prototypes were built of what would later in 1958 become the P1800. The gracious and sporty lines could have all but impossibly came from a Swedish designer, and so in the first-place Italian design studio Ghia took all praise for the mesmerizing design. However, against all odds young designer Pelle Petterson was the actual name of the only designer who drew this car, does not sound very Italian now, does it? One could argue Italy is more of a source of inspiration than darkish Sweden. Approximately 47.000 exemplars of the P1800 were constructed. In 1971 the design was revised to become this rather pretty 1800ES, all done by Jan Wilsgaard, another... not too Italian sounding name. The car was built for only two years, as a result of stricter emissions and safety regulations in the US and was taken out of production in 1974 since it would have become too costly for Volvo to comply to these regulations for this existing model. Look at what happened with the bumpers of the 164 for example, only just getting away with not ruining the whole look of the car, no this car was spared of that treatment fortunately. While being regarded as the prettiest from the two sports coupés the ES became rarer with only 8000 cars built and is therefore now more searched after. Rust was the number one peril cars of this era were troubled with, one can certainly say not all 8000 are roadworthy today. A Californian delivered exemplar holds the best chance to survive, now are those often fitted with the lesser interesting automatic gearbox. This offered exemplar was originally delivered in the US and was exported to the Netherlands as soon as 1990. A few years later in 1997 she was sold to the second Dutch owner who lovingly kept her for more than twenty years. He had the car professionally restored and made sure she remained in tiptop condition over the years. The scarcely found 1800ES, with nicknames such as "Fish Van" and "Snow White's Hurse", on behalf of the large side windows and glass rear hatch, is not easily found in this condition. She is not concours, she is however, very pretty, rust free, excellently driving and, very special indeed fitted with the original interior. On this very same black leather in 1974 sat an American young man or Lady, will she make you feel young again too?


The body is nice and professionally restored. She is straight, solid and remains rust free. The car remains damage free. The colour of this paint is original for this car. All the glazing is undamaged, and the bumpers are nice and straight.


The interior is worthy of a special mention. Wholly original and in very good condition. The dashboard is not cracked on the top, the seats are undamaged, and the whole interior throughout breathes 1974 atmosphere. The seats are upholstered in supple black leather, the shape and support remain excellent. Carpeting is original and not torn or worn in any place. A true time machine...

Interieur Volvo P1800ES restored '73 €23.950,-

History file

In 1990 this 1800ES came to the Netherlands to end up with her second Dutch owner in 1997, an engineer with serious know-how. He made it his task to make sure she remained in pristine condition, optically and mechanically, and judging from the pile of invoices no costs were spared. With the car comes a nice file wherein also several magazines and the general history of the 1800ES. The initiative and the initial start of production of the 1800 series was no smooth-sailing, a Swedish manufacturer has and is nevertheless more prone to be practical and safety oriented than sporty. Judging from the later 480ES and C30, Volvo is still proud of its sporty performance cars and driving the original must bring an extra dimension. This 1800ES will be delivered well driving, with a new MOT and a service.